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Looking like it may be time to put the Thad at PF thing to rest... funny how things change in one game.

Willie Green looked like the old Willie Green contributing nothing but 30% shooting and turnovers.

Craig Smith, the one bulldozing the Sixers in the first half, is a restricted Free Agent. He has shown good rebounding ability and the ability to score at a high percentage. He seems like he might be a good player for the Sixers to go after this offseason assuming a big name is not possible. He and Sammy look like they would be good complementary players. Just throwing that out there.

T'Wolves might consider letting him go too since Jefferson and him don't play too well together supposedly.

I hate Willie Green. I do not blame him for tonight though. I think the blame probably goes on Mo Cheeks and the team's lack of hustle. Thad can't keep some of these big boys off the glass.

This was a really disappointing loss. They need to bounce back tomorrow night against the Knicks.

I would agree with you about Thad, but he wasn't the problem tonight. He's still the best option for heavy minutes at the PF, no one could grab a rebound in the first half either.

The effort wasn't there, which is unacceptable, but judging from past performance, that isn't going to happen too often with this team. The most troubling thing is the free throw shooting. What the hell has happened to Iguodala?

At least the new-look Hawks got demolished tonight. The Sixers are still a playoff team, at least until tomorrow.

This was by far the worst game of the season. No effort whatsoever. Dalembert was out of it all night, iguodala looked like the cry baby he usually is if things arent going his way and willie green is the worst starter in the nba. Its also hard to make a run in the 4th when your lineup is kevin ollie lou williams carney smith and dalembert who is supposed to score. I havent been this disgusted all season.

It looked like this was the first team in awhile to prevent us from running and we've forgotten how to play half-court offense. Sam played soft in the first half and came out rejuvenated in the second. Somebody must've said something to him. Our young team just got out-hustled by an even younger team.

I don't know what to say about Dre's free-throws. Does he practice anymore? It's gotta be mental. It reminds me of Mike Vanderjagt, the kicker for the colts and cowboys. After he missed that playoff kick, he was cut and couldn't make a kick for Dallas. Now I don't know if he's in the NFL anymore.

Boy, am I glad to see the Knicks tonight before a losing streak follows our win streak.

The Greek on Feb 20 at 11:27

If Thad is truly a sf then where the hell does that leave us with Iguodala? We all know he sure as hell can't shoot like a 2, but he is our best player. What will happen? It's a shame that a Garnett type, now that we have Iguodala to ship off. Thoughts?

The Greek on Feb 20 at 11:32

I meant to say that it's a shame that a Garnett type isn't available.

If those two are our SG and SF of the future, then we are left with no other choice to get a shooting PG. You can have a bench shooter but people will just pack it in inside and force us to shoot. If teams played zone, we'd be screwed.

I believe Wille Green and Iguodala will shoot a little better if they had a low-post presence to take a little pressure off. Or if we acquire Josh Smith we could become a run-n-gun team with great defense.

*Report: Maurice Cheeks to receive contract extension.*

I believe the team's plans are to move Iguodala to the 2 and play Thad at the 3, longterm. Whether it's a good or bad plan is really going to depend on who they get to play the 3 and who winds up playing the point.

I'm not convinced Iguodala can't be a really good two, but I'd like to see the Sixers try a lineup of Dalembert, Smith (or Evans), Thad, Iguodala and Miller for stretches this season to see how they do. I don't just want to go into next season w/ him penciled in at the 2 and hope it works out.

I seriously doubt that he's available at this point. Maybe if someone offers him a max deal he's not here next season, but outside of that I don't see it happening. He's the biggest part of this team's turnaround and he's doing it in a role that really doesn't suit him. If the Sixers get a #1 option on offense, he's going to be that much better. Be patient.

I saw that, there's a post up now. Good for Mo, and actually I'm pretty happy w/ the move for the team.

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