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I had heard Mo signed for 3 years, 3 mil. a year. If so, good for him. He'll have much more to work with (hopefully) next year from the draft and cap room too. He's suffered through some terrible years and deserves to lead this team in good times too. While I don't expect much from the Sixers this year, I do expect them to make the playoffs next year.

He deserves it after what he put up with his first year plus in Philly and his entire career in Portland. He's finally got a good bunch of young guys and he's making progress with him.

Keep taking steps forward. Whether they make the playoffs this season or not, keep moving forward.

I do not agree with a 3 year extension. I would have preferred a one year deal that would have sent a message to him that they liked what they saw, but improvement was needed. If the Sixers go out now and struggle for the rest of the year this is going to look like a bad extension.

Mo is the definition of class though.

And yeah. Since when has Iggy been unable to hit FTs? He got so much better last year.

61% last month. Who is this? Dwight Howard?

I think the length is a vote of confidence, and probably necessary, especially if they wind up bringing in a high-profile star in the Summer. Let's everyone know he is the team's guy.

Iguodala shot 82% from the FT line last year, he needs to get his act together.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 15:49

Well the deal is done. I just wasn't sure he was "the guy." No point in me crying over spilled milk really. I like Mo, the team likes him, so I guess it could be a lot worse. I am not confident in Mo's play calling or lack thereof, but someone else can come in to help with that.

Mo really is one classy individual. The National Anthem incident in his Portland days was something.

Franklyn on Feb 20 at 16:10

I believe the deal is just for one year - probably smart, considering that eventually x's and o's might amount to something once the team finds its own motivation.

It's a prudent move from the team, but like I said earlier, I would've liked Mo to have some security heading into next season, especially if they're really going to bring in a star. If they bring in the wrong type of guy, having a lame duck coach is going to cause problems.

Still, glad he got the vote of confidence at this point.

I'm not that happy with the length. I thought he deserved a little more than that. The players like him and there aren't many great coaches on the market.

I could be mistaken but isn't this the second 1-year extension he's gotten? How much confidence is it really? So I guess the plan is to give your coach 1-year extensions until he has a bad year and then let him go.

It probably is the safest move from the organization's standpoint. Next year, Ed will be able to see if Mo is the right coach for the new-look Sixers after the free-agent signings and all. If not, they aren't married to one coach.

Nah, Mo is still on his original three-year deal w/ the team, I think. During the offseason Billy King made a big deal out of saying Mo will be back, but it wasn't really news, he was under contract.

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