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I'm down in North Carolina - how's Thad scoring his points these days? Is it still all layups and occasional open jump shots?

Tonight it was mostly work down low. I think his first six came on fast breaks, he had 4 at the line, a couple of put-backs on offensive boards and at least one pretty move in the post where he abused David Lee.

He also hit at least two jumpers from 16-18 feet that I can remember. He only took 11 shots for the 20 points, so very efficient. I think he's going to be able to extend his range on the jumper, they're just taking it slow.

Embarrassing. I turned on the TV, saw that it was 72-36 at halftime, and congraulated myself on investing in NBA League Pass. I watched the Mavs-Hornets game (good lord, I've become a closet Hornets fans over the last three months).

As for the Knicks... they had shown effort the previous month, so this was a bit of a surprise. A throwback performance, if you will. But the result says it all - the Knicks are just a sorry ass team, with no leadership and no direction right now.

The 76ers look much better, as they at least have an identity. What they need is some more offense, and then the 76ers will be scary in a weakened Eastern Conference that is there for the taking.

The Sixers are really funny when you think about it. They're probably the only running team in the NBA who doesn't put up 100/game. Over their last 10, they've been trying to run their half-court offense kind of like a fast break, it's all dribble penetration and cutting through the lane, looking for a crease, very little perimeter game. Against good defensive teams, or more accurately, good zones, it's really tough to do, but it's fun to watch them try.

Their best option in the half court is miller in the post with a PG on him. Sad, and funny.

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