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Amazing that with Iverson and Anthony, the Nuggets are only battling for the 8th position.
I agree with your assessment that Orlando and Denver are the two teams with possibly the best trade possibilities, but of the two, which appears the most desparate to improve?

I would think Denver has to be. They're way over the cap, Iverson isn't getting any younger, and they're in serious jeopardy of not making the playoffs at all.

I don't know that Denver would trade Kleiza for Miller, because they are having a hard time putting Kleiza into a trade for Ron Artest. Who knows though, they may value Miller more than Artest.

It depends on what they see as their #1 need. Are they better off w/ Miller in the starting lineup as the point, or Artest at the 3, Melo at the 2 and Iverson at the 1?

I'd think the former, but again, this is just wild speculation on my part, and I don't think anything is going to happen.

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