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This team may be a good group of guys, but they aren't putting any people in the seats....
a Sixers ad appeared on TV early this morning advertising all you can eat AND DRINK included in the price of a $33 ticket. Attendance must be really hurting...

You'd hope that if they're fighting for a playoff spot, playing this hard AND there's good deals on tickets that attendance would be up for the rest of the year.

I'm going to try to get down there for at least one game.

I saw a report that Bones Barry is drawing interest from Phoenix if he doesn't go back to the Spurs.

I'm really surprised that more big men weren't shipped around yesterday..Ratliff, Magloire, etc etc

I think the Gasol deal muddied the waters. All the contenders were looking to rip people off, and the GMs on the other teams just weren't going to give away something for nothing.

The deal that did get done saw a bunch of bad contracts move around, but I don't think it's really that big of a deal from an impact point of view. Offense has been the Cavs problem, they got deeper with a couple of scoring options off the bench, but their starting lineup got worse on offense.

I guess the deals just weren't out there to get done.

How come the people at ESPN are suddenly saying we don't have enough cap space to sign Brand? Before they were saying we'd be the only team with enough money to get him. Now you can add Memphis to that list, but I thought we had enough room without trading Miller.

Stefanski told me they had between $10M and $12M of cap space, depending on where the number comes in. It's going to depend on what Brand is looking for. My best bet is that if they want him, they'll find a way to get it done (sign and trade, possibly).

I am glad Stefanski didn't settle for a mediocre deal and give Miller away for nothing. Now we can work on getting the young guys some playoff experience this season. I will be sure to get out to some games down the stretch.

Couldn't agree more. I'm still trying to figure out when I'm going to come down for a game, unfortunately I can only get down to Philly for a game or two every year. This year it's going to be especially hard w/ a newborn.

I hope a bunch of Sixers fans take notice and get out to the Wach to support the team down the stretch.

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