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The Greek on Feb 23 at 10:33

Down by 6 yesterday with 8 minutes to go in the 4th, what does the sixers beautifil offence do? They hold the ball for the first 15 seconds, make one pass then it's the sound of one of the sixers assistants shouting 5,4,3,2,1, What kind of an offense is this? Hey I love Mo, as a former sixers player and as the coach who gets this team to run through a wall for him but someone needs to take the bullet for this horse-shit style half court offense that they run. It took you 40 games to realize that Thad should be starting Mo, will it take you another 40 games to figure out that he should have more plays called for him because even at the tender young age of 19 he is easily your most skilled inside the paint scorer.

Hard to argue with that. They look completely lost in the half court, and they didn't even use their most reliable weapon in the half court (Miller in the post, especially with Nelson on him) at all.

Against the T-Wolves they ran a couple sets with Thad flashing to the foul line, catching and facing the hoop there with guys cutting off him. Try that once in a while. Try him in the post with Rashard Lewis or Hedo on him. Post up Iguodala, run a pick and roll w/ Thad. Do something, it's mass confusion in the half court, just put some structure in, it can't be any less productive.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 20:15

Maybe this is what happens when your ballyhooed franchise player "shooting guard" can't score in the halfcourt.

I'm more offended by the use of the word ballyhooed than the quotes around shooting guard :)

As constructed, they are garbage in the half court, that's pretty well established. With some kind of offensive weapon at the 4, Thad at the 3 and Iguodala at the 2, it should be a different story, especially if Iguodala goes from being the #1 option on offense to number 2 or even number 2A if Thad steps up on the offensive side of the ball.

Right now, as you saw in the 4th quarter tonight (against Miami), teams can double Iguodala anywhere he gets the ball. He isn't Iverson, he can't split double teams and wreak havoc with regularity. They need another weapon and someone else to step up, probably Thad.

I've been trying to keep track of how the team performs with Iguodala at the 2, but they hardly ever use that lineup. They used it against the Knicks for about 2:30 in the first quarter the other night, the Sixers went on a 12-4 run. Of course there were about 10 different stretches of time where they went on a 12-4 run in that game, so it doesn't really mean anything.

By the way, I enjoy your comments immensely. Keep them coming, they keep me honest and make me look at things from a different perspective. Great job.

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