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I noticed that coaching error also. The lane was clogged for Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala late in the game and Jason Smith would've been the perfect substitution at that time. The ability to spread the court with his jumpshot. Instead Reggie Evans attributed to the mess in the paint and made Sam have the ball in his hands late. You just knew a Turnover was coming once Sammy got his paws on it in the clutch.

*Reggie Evans helped us kill them on the glass (50-33) but he had a -10 in the lenovo stat. Besides Carney and Ollie, He was the only player subpar.*

I was screaming at my TV for Mo to put Thad in. It was like watching a car crash in slow motion at the end of regulation, you knew the only way they were going to score was luck.

very good analysis Brian, I take my hat off

I am pretty sure Heat were playing with Haslem at C for the whole OT + end of regulation, and we couldn't take advantage of it, as usual

thank God J Will saved us with the first miss as time expired and another brick in OT

Critics to Mo are well deserved but Lou Williams unexplicably shot an airball down the stretch with no defenders around him, Andre Miller threw the ball away attempting an unlikely alley oop at the end of the regulation ...

Iguodala made another mistake when he fed Sam in the low post (?) insead of taking it to the rim (= eventually Sam turned it over, of course), and Sam fumbled a nice assist by Iggy at the start of the OT... so all players made some poor plays as well

I wrote we got lucky and I confirm it, maybe it's a sign !

We definitely dodged a bullet.

That pass to Sam wasn't Iguodala's fault though, he got the ball in the middle of a trap out by half court, I was actually shocked he didn't turn the ball over himself, he just had to get rid of it.

A couple more days to rest, then we get another shot at Dwight Howard and Co. Need to pick up a couple of wins against the better teams in this upcoming stretch.

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