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Great post. I think that for an NBA GM to put together a team in his vision of "Moneyball" is quite a bit harder than a baseball team. With less players on the floor and roster, you have to hit with every player.

If not Josh Smith or Elton Brand, who joins this team this summer? Who or what kind of player would you like to see the 76ers draft this year?

One kind of stems from the other. If Brand opts out, I think the Sixers probably go after him really, really hard. At this point, he's the prize for the organization, from all accounts. Personally, I might prefer Smith, but I'm in the minority.

As for who else is available, I don't really know. They need a power forward. I don't want any part of Antawn Jamison. Maybe they don't get one via trade or free agency. In the draft I'd love to see them get Kevin Love, if he drops that far. He needs to get in shape, but he's got the low post game they need. He might drop to mid first round. Otherwise I like both of the guys from Arizona, but I don't know how far they'll drop. The two needs are a low post scorer and a shooter. They can use the cap space or draft to address either or both, I guess. I just don't want to see another combo guard who can't light it up from deep.

Ummm, I dog Iguodala, but he's better than Jason Richardson or Corey Maggette or Antawn Jamison or Emeka Okafor. They're better scorers (or in the case of Okafor, better rebounders), but Andre brings a lot more to the table. Just not enough for me to want to keep him on the team.

This may be a first, but I agree with you about Richardson, Maggette, Jamison and Okafor, although I'm not sure everyone would. Even if you take those guys out of the equation, each team still has more of a superstar than Iguodala. The logic holds.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 17:07

So that means you take Kaman and Gerald Wallace over Iguodala (each team has a bette player)? They're a little iffy too. Wallace vs. Iguodala is an agonizingly close call - I guess you'd give Andre the edge in passing, Wallace might be... is he really a better scorer? Kaman piled on some great numbers early in the season, but don't you get the sense that he's a lot worse than he may look in the boxscore?

I don't take either of those guys over Iguodala. But I probably overvalue him. I'm just saying you would get an argument out of a lot of people that all of the guys on this list are bigger stars/better players than he is.

My list would be much shorter, probably Wade, Nowitzki, Bosh and then Butler, Josh Howard and Marion would be debatable.

you and me both know Iggy is better than Randolph lol. If his 20 and 10 were so great, he woulda been asked for at the deadline. just throwin my 2 cents in lol

I'd take Iggy, but I bet if you ask 100 people who follow the sport and aren't Sixers or Knicks fans, the results would probably lean toward Randolph.

I just love this blogs design. Is it Movable Type?

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