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This is very scary news for Sixer fans. Right before opening night we prayed that Sam would be able to play 30 minutes in that first game. Could this be the injury he suffered with Team Canada? He has been our most consistent player and our guards penetration defense as been sub par.

I don't think we would win many games with Booth as our last line of defense especially with the tough schedule in March. The only plus of him sitting out would be Mo being forced to play his tallest player on the team on paper, 7'0 Jason Smith, at center for one of the few times this year. He would probably get eaten by Amare and Shaq (maybe not the Big Cactus) but the experience of guarding good post players may pay off in the long haul.

It seemed like he was most concerned about the thigh, which is odd. Definitely something to keep an eye on. Sammy has proven to be pretty tough, both early this season when it looked like he might not be available to start the year, and last year when he started every game. Keep your fingers crossed, even if Jason Smith gets more minutes at the 5, it's hard to see a good outcome if Sammy misses significant time.

I wonder if Freud wrote a book about the masochistic desire to see your team get an 8th seed in the playoffs and get swept. I just don't get it. I mean, it's one thing if you're the Phillies and every year you fall just short of making the playoffs and finally you get in, only to be swept by the Rockies. That's still a huge step in the right direction. But in a sport where the majority of teams make the playoffs, with a team that hasn't been struggling with getting over the hump (it's just been bad), and in a game, unlike baseball, where where you draft really matters, I don't get rooting for your .430 winning percentage team to get some empty playoff bid.

Tray, I understand what you're saying, but there's a couple of mitigating circumstances in this case. First, the Sixers clearly aren't going to wind up with one of the top three picks, so the difference between pick #10 and pick #14 is negligible. Secondly, the Sixers hope to be major players in this summer's free agent market, and it makes you a much more attractive destination if you can say, "Look, we're clearly missing a superstar, but we made the playoffs this year with a bunch of young guys who love to run the floor" (this is something Brian pointed out a week or two ago). Missing the playoffs won't do irrevocable harm to this team, but heading into next year coming off a playoff run will certainly move up the timetable.

This isn't the first time I've been called a masochist where sports are concerned, but I think you're a little off in your assessment of the team. Yes, things have been bad for a couple of years now, but the rebuilding only started last year. From basically 2001 through December 2006 they weren't looking toward the future, they were trying to make one last gasp to get back to where they were in 2001. It didn't work, and they wound up making a complete mess of things.

After Iverson and Webber left, the clock started ticking on this rebuilding effort. The team chose a direction and they've stuck to it. I want to see positive momentum year after year. And as a fan I really do want to see these guys play in the post season.

Are they probably a quick exit in the first round? Yes. You can't argue that. It would defy all logic for them to beat the Celtics, Pistons or even the Magic in a 7-game series. I still want to see it. This team gets up for big games, see how they played Boston twice, see how they played San Antonio in San Antonio for examples.

There's work to be done, and the Sixers haven't sacrificed the future for a foolish playoff run this season, in fact, they've actually done more damage to the playoff run for the sake of the future if you think about it (Korver trade). This draft isn't especially loaded, if there's a player who fits a need the Sixers have the ammunition to move up (Utah's pick, cap space, etc)

I'll end this with a question. What's the difference between the Warriors last year and the Sixers this year?

Wow. A few differences.

1. We'd be playing Boston/Detroit, they got Dallas. Softest really good team ever.

2. They had Baron Davis. Now Miller's a very sound point guard and I like him a lot. But Davis is capable of taking over a series. Didn't he score something like 30 a game in that series? Who would do that for us?

3. Going into the playoffs, no one could have picked them, but they did have, at least, a great offense. Whereas we just have a decent defense that doesn't guard shooters that well. I don't really see what we have going for us that would enable us to steal a series like that. A wide array of former McDonald's All-American Dunk Contest participants?

4. Once GSW got in, they started playing some nutty trapping defense that Dallas hadn't seen before and messing with Avery's head by starting Al Harrington at center and getting him to bench Dampier. The point being, you probably need to do something really gimmicky like that to pull a 7-game-series upset. Unfortunately, we don't have Don Nelson, we have Mo Cheeks.

And in response to PhillyFriar, the difference between the 10th and 15th (not 14th, 15th) pick is the furthest thing from negligible. I did a long post on it a few threads back, but basically, 15th picks tend to be very bad with a few exceptions, while a shocking number of superstars have been drafted at 10. I think the conclusion was that the tenth pick is a lot better about 80% of the time.

All valid points. But at the core, the Warriors won by running against a half-court team. Granted, their half-court offense is better than the Sixers, but their half-court defense is also much worse.

The Sixers probably don't have anyone who's going to drop 30 a game, but do we really know what Iguodala's going to do on that stage? Maybe he elevates his game, he's done it before. That's kinda my point in saying it's important to get to the playoffs this year, we need to find out if Iguodala, or anyone, has the ability to put this team on his back like a superstar does in the playoffs.

Also, a full-strength Boston team is formidable, and probably a quick four-game sweep out of the playoffs. But what are the odds they get to the playoffs at full strength? They're already showing their age, and they're playing those old guys way too many minutes. Anything can happen once you get there.

By the way, it looks like Sammy is going to play tonight, but Jason Smith isn't. Calvin Booth might just get those extended minutes.

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