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Oh man I cannot agree more about Lou. He is playing so horribly. It is painful to watch. Anytime he actually looks to pass it is horribly late and/or off target.

Jameer the midget got abused today too. Otis Smith is such a horrible GM giving him an extension and Rashard that max deal. No way Jameer can guard a player on the Pistons or the Sixers with Iggy at the 2 or a lot of other teams.

Calvin Booth played some great bball. Kudos to the guy you said mentioned it in a previous post.

Another Big problem I saw was Sammy. He cannot guard Howard period. Sammy tried hard and was fired up but still couldn't contain Howard for 1 second without a double team.

If the Magic had a point guard the Sixers would have been blown out tonight.

I remember that quote. I laughed and said the Sixers were going .500. I was a bit overconfident I suppose, but the way they finished last year how could that writer say that?

Oh yeah and did you hear what Mark Z said he heard from Stan Van Gundy in a conversation?

Apparently Stand said he "thinks the Sixers are the best running team in the NBA right now." Quite a statement to here from a coach I consider knowledgeable. From what I have seen, I can only come up with one better for sure who is GS.

Unfortunately, I was stuck watching the game on the League Pass with the Orlando announcers, who were horrible. That is quite a statement from Van Gundy, and you know what, it might just be true. Watch the Sixers on the break, they have at least 5 guys who finish if the numbers are even, or sometimes in the other team's favor. Then go watch another team play, on the break, if the numbers are even they don't attack and if they do, they don't finish.

They've got the athletes to get out there and run. The main difference between the Sixers and the Warriors is that the Warriors can score in the half court. Purely on a running basis though, I think they're on par. Phoenix killed their running game with the Shaq trade, not just because Shaq is so slow, but because Marion was probably their best weapon on the break.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 15:11

I thought of another difference between the Warriors and us: Louis Williams is not Monta Ellis.

Agree with you there. Lou has slipped back to the player he was before Iverson left, and I don't understand why Mo is letting it happen. He doesn't even attempt to run the offense, when he's at the point the half court is all about him getting his shot off, period. I'm going to keep track of this on Friday night.

I'll say on the highest mountain...Stromile Swift or Hakim Warrick would be good additions to any team that runs and needs an athletic big man. They aren't the best in the half-court, but on the break, they can finish in traffic and get back on the defensive end too.

Both will be free agents at the end of the season.

I think Hakim would be a great addition. I saw Warrick a lot in college (Syracuse baby!). In those times it was the Hak-and-Mac (Gerry Macnamara) show. He can really do it all. He is extremely athletic (2006 dunk contest), has a decent jumpshot, good rebounder and shot-blocker. I think Memphis likes him enough to re-sign. He's really proven himself since the departure of Stromile and Pau Gasol.

I'm not too sold on Stromile. His work ethic is shaky and he reminds me too much of Steven Hunter. He hasn't gotten consistent minutes for the Nets with their new youth kick and it would probably be the same situation here.

*Sources say Giricek buyout in the works. It has to happen before Saturday (March 1) for him to be eligible for postseason action with a new team. Phoenix has shown interest in him and recently cut Brent Barry. He probably isn't happy and he wasn't playing. Rodney should see more time but no money would be gained towards this summer's checkbook.*

I saw that. The Sixers said they'll only buy him out if he goes to a team in the West.

Joe reply to Aarick on Feb 28 at 17:11

Warrick scores at a high percentage and can't do anything else good really. He isn't that young. He is 25.

He rebounds adequately but not great. He cannot block shots at all. He turns the ball over too much. His free throw shooting is OK. He cannot properly pass a basketball to a cutter or a 3 point shooter in rhythm.

I don't see him much but he seems like the type that gets called for traveling at least once every 30 minutes he plays.

I don't like him at all. Give me Craig Smith, Ryan Gomes, Paul Millsap, Jason Maxiell types any day of the week first.

Joe, those are all good, young big men, but Maxiell is about the only one that would fit in an up-tempo style of offense.

Smith, Gomes, and Millsap are bangers and can be effective on the low-post, but if a team is primarily concerned with running, they will have a hard time catching up. They can run, but not for 30 minutes a game.

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