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ProFootballTalk.com is reporting a rumor of Asante Samuel having a verbal agreement in place with the Eagles.

I'd love that move. Here's the link to the rumor, G. Cobb's site seems to be down at the moment.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 29 at 0:10

yeah too much traffic haha. 5 year 55 million...

Uggh. I like Asante but I'd like a better pass rush more. This also means peace to lito and his injury-prone ass.

Honestly, they need a playmaker at safety, CB, LB and on the line. Samuel fills one of those holes, and fills it extremely well. I'd rather they spend the money on him than a DE who comes in and does nothing like Kearse and Howard.

I wonder what they'd be able to get for Lito.

I'd rather see the Freak wind up with the Patriots than Lito. Injuries, aside, I'd like to see the Eagles keep Lito anyway.

What do you think the Eagles will draft in the first round....
A. Wide Receiver (past history isn't on our
side on that one
B. Offensive Lineman (Runyan & Thomas aren't
getting any younger
C. Defensive End
D. Safety or Cornerback

Offensive line I think. They've addressed CB and DE through free agency already, and I don't think there's going to be a solution at WR at their draft spot. If McNabb is going to be the QB, and they're really serious about making a run this year, they need help at WR through a trade or free agency. No rookie is going to come in there and provide the type of difference maker they need at WR.

I completely agree with your your thoughts on the draft and i have just a couple of random eagles questions for you. just out of curiosity what do you think the odds are that mcnabb is not an eagle this by the time the season starts? Again out of curiosity, do you think mcnabb should be the quarterback at the begining of the season or do you think it might be time to cut your losses and see what kolb has to offer? my friends and i have this argument of whether or not he should be on the team and I just wanted to get the opinion of what i would call a credible source.

I wrote a long post about this during the season, pretty much when their season ended. My feelings then, and now, where that if McNabb is going to be your QB, you need a legitimate #1 wide receiver. Otherwise, he isn't the guy to lead this offense. Too many checkdowns, not enough confidence to throw the ball into tight spaces, too many bounced passes.

If they do get a real option at WR, a guy who commands double teams every time he's on the field and can beat one-on-one coverage, then McNabb is your guy. He's got the experience to find the open guy, he can still extend plays and give guys the time to get open.

I can't really answer your question directly right now, I'll just say that if this is offense we're going into the season with, I'll be shocked if we come out better than 10-6 and a first or second round exit from the playoffs with McNabb under center.

If they get Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, Larry Fitzerald, Roy Williams or even maybe Javon Walker, then I think this team could challenge for the super bowl with McNabb at QB. It makes that big of a difference to have someone on the outside teams have to pay extra attention to.

That being said, I don't think McNabb's going anywhere, either way. He'll get this season, and if he's here w/out any new blood at WR I hope he proves me wrong. I'm not going to root against him just to prove a point.

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