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The Asante Samuel deal to the Eagles will reportedly be in the neighborhood of 60 mil., according to ESPN. They were talking like it was a done deal too. Ironically Shepherd's name is brought up in trade rumors with New England.

I would sure like to see Randy Moss here, but on First Take and Mike and Mike, everyone said it was highly unlikely he would leave New England. One point of destination that was mentioned, however, was Dallas. Can you imagine T.O. AND Moss together? For the Eagle's sake, I hope that one never happens.

I read somewhere this morning that they may keep Lito and move Sheldon Brown to safety in base sets, then use all three at corner in the nickel. I like this idea a whole lot.

I think if the Cowboys signed Moss T.O. might have another accidental overdose.

i love the signing and really hope they hold onto lito unless they can get roy williams or someone which i doubt they will be able to. When it was first reported my first thought was sheldon at safety, then him playing nickel and have mikell play safety so im glad to hear other people having the same thoughts. Its great to see the eagles being aggressive and now supposedly they may send a 4th and 6th round pick to jacksonville for reggie williams. He's ok not great but would be a great redzone target. If im the birds im still holding out for someone better than reggie.

I'd like them to hold onto Lito too. Then they could concentrate on drafting either a Receiver (which they haven't had good luck doing), an eventual replacement for William Thomas and John Runyan and a Defensive Linemen, assuming that Kearse is history. While they're at it, they should still look to draft in the secondary anyway for good measure. And of course, a Punt Returner.... that should cover it.

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