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That is so unbearable to know.

Who is someone we could realistically be after now with Moss, Walker, Berrian, Hackett, Stallworth, and Porter off the market or off our radar? Are Fitzgerald or C. Johnson actually on the market/conceivable acquisitions in your opinion?

One good thing is that Randy Moss didn't wind up in Dallas. That would have been a big nightmare.

What do you think it would take to sign Johnson, and
would he be worth it? And here's a loaded question,
what about WR available in the draft? What is the Eagle draft position in the first round?

They have pick #19. I'd like them to take a look at DeSean Jackson from Cal. Probably won't be a number 1 receiver, but great speed and he could be the answer as a punt returner this season.

As for trading for a WR, I really don't know. They kept a tight lid on Randy Moss until he was signed w/ the Pats, so maybe they're working on something right now. I hope they didn't put all their eggs into one basket w/ Moss.

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