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In fairness to Thornton, his team lost by 26. It's pretty impossible, especially if you play 43 minutes, to have a good plus-minus in those circumstances (or for Thad to have a bad one, regardless of how he played). I prefer Thad, of course, but Thornton does have more of a developed offensive game at the moment. Thornton, however, is five years older and probably is worse at everything but scoring than Thad.

Even w/in this game, Thad had 2nd highest +/- on the Sixers (to Lou), Thornton had the worst on the Clippers (tied w/ Mobley).

Your assessment is fair, though. Thornton's offensive game is more developed. The rest of his game is nonexistent.

When you watch the games, do you find at least a small part of yourself rooting for the Sixers?

Carney dunk got me off my seat eventhough it was in garbage time. I honestly was not sure if I saw it correctly at first live, but I did. How did he do that? I gave up on Carney, but he he is one of the fastest wing players I have seen on the basketball court and can really jump. I like him now.

I think Thad Young may have a more developed offensive game than Thorton. Offensive game, to me, is more than taking a guy off the dribble to the rim or to the jumper. You have to include the ability to score when your number is not the one that is called.

What I am more concerned about is Iggy. I guess the right word may be confused actually since I am not concerned. He has a midrange game? If Andre Iguodala has a midrange game that is consistent then... what is he missing? Nothing? He is looking like he is going to get paid...

Billy King deserves a nod for this success. I never thought I would commend him, but he did a great job getting the right players into town. The only problem is he wanted to overpay them.

This team is so fun to watch. Sixers gunning for the 5 seed?

Carney is a completely different player when he forgets about the three and concentrates on going to the hoop and crashing the boards. It's like night and day. When Mo benched him for like a month earlier this year, he really got through to him.

Iguodala just needs to get more consistent w/ that jumper, which he seems to be doing. More consistent w/ the mid-range jumper and get his 3pt% up to around 35% and he's a legit all star.

5 seed is probably out of reach, 6 isn't.

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