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Ha, best photo ever. Korver is as tough as my little sister.

Your little sister deserves more credit than that.

As a Sixer fan and the wife of a WVU graduate, I've begun a campaign to get Sixer fans to write or email ES asking him to sign Kevin Pittsnogle, who is playing well in Albuquerque (the Sixers NBDL affiliate). Since joining the Thunderbirds, Pittsnogle is currently averaging 15.6 points (double figures in 8 of his last 9 games) in only 29 minutes while shooting 38% from three and 89% FTS. I've watched this guy for a while now and I think he gives the Sixers just what they need: a big (6-11) coming off the bench who can run, shoot, and has a great attitude. Plus he's got cool charisma (he was a cult hero in Morgantown) and I think he could even help sell some tickets.

Plus, what do they have to lose? After waiving Gordo, they have an extra spot; why not call him up for a 10-day audition and see how he does? Whaddya think? Thanks, and great work on the blog.


I don't know a lot about him. I keep wondering when we're going to see Herbert Hill. I know he's had a couple of setbacks w/ his knee rehab, but I kinda hoped that roster spot would be for him.

If you set up some kind of online petition, let me know.

make that husband of a WVU graduate; long day.

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