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Yeah I thought cutting Spikes was a curious move as well. Larry Fitz would be a great addition but he'll be hard to get. I'd love the Bears to go after Fitz too, but it'll be hard to match picks and Lito.

I keep reading conflicting things about Fitzgerald. One thing I read is that Arizona owes him $30M over the next 2 seasons if they can't get him to renegotiate his deal. One thing the Eagles have, at this point, is a ton of cap space ($28M by some accounts, $30M if they include Lito in a deal). They can extend him and guarantee a ton of money. I don't know how many other teams are in a position to do that.

I think it's gonna happen.

Hmmm...the Giants could use an OLB...

I don't think Spikes will be unemployed for long. He didn't have a bad year with the Eagles last year. Their LBs were unremarkable, but that's actually a step in the right direction compared to the year before. I really think this move was a precursor to something bigger, and Reid really likes the young LBs on the roster. $5M was too much to pay for Spikes, I just hope he doesn't come back to haunt them.

Roy Williams coming here, not Larry Fitzgerald I would expect.

Chief -

I'm busy getting my Yankee links lined up. Please clean up this Sixer and Iggles nonsense.

The real stuff starts in 3 weeks....

How's the baby...?



The baby's doing great. Don't worry, I'm getting pumped for the Yankees season, and you can expect the coverage here to increase greatly in the next week or two. Glad to have you back. Plenty of live blogs and more this season.

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