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I'd say we're an average team, though we actually are scoring exactly as much as our opponents. According to Hollinger we have the ninth best defense in the league. I'm resigned to the fact that we'll make the playoffs. We may even pass Washington for the sixth seed. Arenas doesn't want to come back and re-injure herself and harm his free agency, even said so in his blog (which tells you all you need to know about Arenas), and Butler's still hurt. If we played Orlando, I'm sure we'd lose, but we'd win a game or two. It'd be good experience for Thad.

Are you OK, man? That's the most optimistic comment you've ever written.

Did you see the game tonight? Thad was forcing the issue on offense, and he still shot 7/8 from the floor and drained a three. The kid's the real deal.

Sixers are forcing people to take notice. About 15,000 showed up last night for Sixers-Sonics game! It could be Kevin Durant but I believe Philly is starting to get behind this team for the playoff push.

We all know Lou is a better combo guard but his play has been erratic as of late. On the west coast he was getting better, but he got back to his bad habits again last night. He looks to drive every time down court and forces the issue a little too much.

I've been thinking about Lou for a while now, and I think his problems might come directly from Mo. When he's out there with Iguodala or Miller, he plays the role of the team player. He gets into the offense, etc. When he's out there w/out another scorer, he tries to do it all himself, and it just doesn't work. I have a feeling that Mo tells him he's the scorer when he's on the floor w/out either Andre, and he tries to do too much.

I would rather have Thad than Durant. I don't care what anyone says. 10 points at 60% shooting is better than 18 at 39% shooting.

Thad is also a far better athlete and defender.

I agree with you. Here's the thing that I don't get about everyone's blind praise of Durant. What's he exceptional at? Seriously. He can score, but only because he takes so many shots. He isn't strong, he isn't great off the dribble, he doesn't have a great jumper, he can't play on the blocks. Why exactly does everyone think he's going to be a superstar? It certainly isn't his contributions when he isn't shooting the ball. No D. No rebounding. No distribution.

I don't even know who you'd compare him to in the league. He's like Dirk without the great jumper? Antawn Jameson without the rebounding? I just don't see it.

I agree. I think Tracy McGrady without the ability to see the floor is a valid comparison to make.

Who do you compare Thad to? I have yet to come up with anyone. Shawn Marion?

It's tough. Maybe Lamar Odom, but I think Thad has the potential to be a much better scorer than Odom.

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