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I'm not sure what Girardi is talking about. I think it would be questionable if Carl Crawford slammed into Jorge Posada. Elliot Johnson was trying to impress at camp.

Again, if Girardi doesn't want his catchers absorbing collisions, then he has to tell them not to block the plate in Spring Training. I don't think he should, but telling the other team that they have to follow certain rules is ridiculous.

I think it was clean, but at the 0:56 mark of that video, do you hear some guy yell, "It's spring training, guys"? Apparently the play was unpopular right from the beginning.

Yep, a lot of people are taking exception to this. I think for some of them it's just a case of being on the wrong side of an injury.

Its fine for a regular season game, but this is spring training. The video quality makes it hard, but it does seem the outside of the plate is open and the catcher was not high up the line blocking the whole plate.

It also seems the runner moves to his left slighty to hit the catcher dead on.

Looks like the video that I captured was removed from youtube.com

If you want to check it out, please go here.

Thanks Ross. I put the link in the post as well.

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