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I mean there is a reason that Cheeks isn't playing that lineup every game. If you know why, let me know. I think that lineup you have there would create match up problems vs. anyone in the league not just the pistons. I don't think Ray Allen could handle Iggy either. Rondo couldn't handle any Sixer except Lou Will maybe. When I go around forums, that lineup is the one 90% of Sixers fans want to see starting. Iggy has played point in this offense before so he should be fine at the 2.

This is about a week old... it is an Andre Miller interview with sports radio 950.

7:30 is where it seems as though he may want to head home to the West Coast. I was hoping he may stay for awhile... oh well I suppose.

I wouldn't rule out an extension for Miller, but I don't think it's all that likely either. He's been great for this team since he got here, but he'll be 33 when his contract runs out. He's making $10M next year, not sure how much it would cost to extend him, but the odds are he's going to want 3-4 years at about that rate. I don't if he'll be worth it.

I'd love it if they could tack another year or two on the end of his current deal, but he'll probably be looking for more than that. Maybe if he gets a taste of winning in Philly he'll realize he wants to finish out his career here.

First, let me say, thanks fo much for taking the time to do this site. I found out looking for good Yankee blogs (through Pete Abraham) but your Sixer stuff is awesome. I am a Yankee fan who grew up in Sixer Country (Delaware) - so it is that rare combo that we share. You are my first site to check after the Sixers play.

You are so dead on with this lineup- and now is the time to try it (especially with the Pistons a possible first round foe). Is Theo actually logging starter's minutes for the Pistons? Wow. With this lineup- the Sixers would give them a run in the first round. I can't believe some "fans" want them to tank to get in the lottery. Even a first round sweep would be great for the development of this team and who knows- maybe they win a game or two and scare
the heck out of somebody.

btw, I think you were the first one in the country to fall in love with Thad Young. Now everyone is on him- I am sure everyone was looking at you funny when you were pumping him in the first half (i know they were looking at me funny when I did it)- must feel good.

Chazz, thanks man. I'm glad you found the site, I think you're the second person I've met who isn't related to me who roots for the Sixers and the Yanks :)

Coming into the season I wasn't expecting anything from Thad. I thought he was going to be buried on the bench and turn into a 3 or 4 year project. It didn't take long, once he earned some minutes, to see that he's a special player. I don't know when I got on the bandwagon, but I'm glad so many people are joining in.

I bet most Sixer fans who watch the games now feel a little cheated when he's on the bench. I know I do.

It's a good idea to see if it can work, no doubt. I don't think Iguodala's a 2, but we better find out before we re-up him for $12-14M a year. Otherwise there's just no place for him, Thad's too good.

Agreed. I think he can play the #2, and I think it'll really help the half-court offense (creating mismatches), but it sure would be nice to see it on the floor before he's signed.

When Willie comes back, he should go back into the starting lineup, I think. Mainly because Evans is so bad offensively.

The added bonus is extra minutes for Jason Smith to spell Evans and Dalembert if you take Thad out of the "bigs" rotation for a couple of games.

Brian !

on Narducci's blog I just read they are talking about an interview Stefanski had on WIP (? a radio I guess) where he stated many interesting things (Miller not going anywhere, Iggy playing the two next year with Thad at three, Sixers still looking for a stud PF that could also be a disgruntled veteran such as Randolph, Jamison or O'Neal etc etc), do you think is it possible to find a link and listen to it all?


(btw I am with you on the whole post, start Iggy AND Thad tonight, with Evans crashing the boards)

when will the baseball season start?

I'm actually on a plane right now heading to Tampa for Yankees spring training. Baseball season officially starts in a couple of weeks.

Ed Stefanski said the same thing to me. He emphasized that the cap space is just as valuable in a trade as it is for signing free agents. Amare?

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