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Thnaks for checking- even while on break. We appreciate it.

Great win indeed.

It is a little scary to see how awful the offense is in these playoff type final 4 minutes. They really could use a Korver-type next year (maybe they can lucky in the draft again in the 2nd round) When Iggy and Lou Williams drive and they collapse - it would be nice to have someone to kick to.

Also- why does Mo refuse to go offense-defense in the final minute? Thad Young was chained to the bench for at least 2 possessions where there were timeouts where he could have subbed out Evans and then returned Evans for defense. I love Reggie's energy, defense and boards- but he couldn't score - even from the block - in the 4th Qtr. Thad should have been in there on offense. Maddening to me.

Great commentary, Brian.

I completely agree with your offense defense sub pattern comment. Mo needs to start utilizing Thad more often in this regard. I think he's proven he's not your average rookie; he makes smart decisions and plays hard on defense. I see no reason why he can't juggle his players more.

I love this team and will continue to follow them but in terms of next year; it would be fantastic if they could land Amare. He would fit in with this crew better than any other PF; he's a man-child and can run the floor. Couple him with a decent shooter next year and you've got something going there. Can't wait for Ed to make his mark this summer.

Phillygoose reply to Max on Mar 13 at 18:12

Max, The only problem with Amare is that he plays terrible D. Sure he would fit in great with the uptempo style, but i think he's overrated anyway; his offensive arsenal is not very impressive.
Plus he is a prima dona type that would mess with our chemistry.
But all that is pointless anyway because there is no way the suns are trading him away.

Good point phillygoose. I don't remember him altering a lot of shots last week against the sixers. Not to mention his health is always going to be a question mark.

I think you can overlook Amare's defense at the 4 if he brings 25 points/10 boards to the table. The Sixers can cover up for him w/ Thad and Iguodala on the court. I also think being on a defense-oriented team, and surrounded by guys who take pride in their defense, would have a positive effect on him. It's hard to be the one guy out there not working, not doing your job. Phoenix has the opposite effect on him. No one plays D, why should he?

Playing with this group even has Willie Green giving maximum effort on his D.

One more note on Amare. The Sixers could package all of their cap space, their number 1 pick, a future #1 and about $3M in salary (Carney, Green, Lou Williams in a sign and trade) for Amare.

I'm not saying that's an even-money deal, but if all Phoenix wants to do is get cap relief, especially when they realize Shaq is nothing more than a $20M albatross, that deal would work.

I don't want to point at officials but if the Sixers lost this one, I would be. The timeout time moved at the end bothered me. The foul called on Carney on a horrible shot by Rip bothered me.(he did miss both FTs though) Carney was called for a foul on D vs. Billups too that seemed a little touchy for me with the atmosphere. To be fair, the Sixers did knock Prince to the ground like 5 times in the 4th and the refs just gave Detroit the ball rather than the foul.

Carney, can't add anything really to what you said except in the 1st/2nd quarter he had a rather nice little battle with Prince that I enjoyed. Prince blocked him, then he blocked Prince on the next possession. Then the 1st ended. The next Sixers possession Carney drained a 3 on Prince. I was laughing my ass off.

Another note is that I don't care what Sammy's final line was, he played hard out there and really hustled for some balls. He brought down a bunch of O-Rebs and was sprinting in transition D. I give Sammy his props. That foul on McDyess had me out of my chair.

I also watched the game on delay. I can't believe I missed this one live. Oh well. I will be watching them beat the Spurs this weekend in person... would be so sweet.

I'm with you on the refs. There was a point in the third where the hometown whistles were going crazy. Oddly, that coincided with the Piston's big run. Luckily, the Sixers kept their heads and fought through it.

Dalembert was possessed on the boards, and on D. I was proud of him. Couldn't get a shot to go, but didn't hang his head at all.

Great analysis Brian!

Any update on Miller's back? And how about Green's ankle... when is he expected back?

It looks like Miller will play. Green didn't make the trip, he's out.

While I wouldn't mind Amare (or Elton Brand for that matter) - the combination of defense and youth and relative healthiness is the reason Josh Smith would be the PERFECT player to take this team to the next level.

That is my offseason wish

I'd love to see Josh Smith throwing up mid-range bricks for the Sixers next year, and that is not sarcasm. With Smith, Thad and Iguodala on the floor, the Sixers could legitimately shut down three scorers from the other team, if they even have 3. Otherwise, you've got another shot blocker on the back line, or you can rotate them around on defense. Not to mention the transition offense.

Atlanta took on a lot of money to get Bibby, I'm not sure if they're going to be able to match an offer sheet the Sixers could put together (up to an average of $12-$14M/year if they want to use all their cap space on him).

Brand, if healthy, would be an entirely different direction for the team, but still a great move. He's probably my option 1A at this point.

Amare is probably a pipe dream. If Phoenix crashes and burns this season, and realizes they're stuck w/ Shaq next year as well, they may blow the whole thing up and look to move him, but that's doubtful.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 1:07

If everything crashes and burns for Pheonix, won't they just trade Shaq's deal for a bunch of legit overpayed talent on a team looking to start over in hopes of winning a championship with Nash before he sucks... maybe Jamison and Haywood or something?

Maybe they trade Shaq for a young talent like Josh Smith and his soon to be massive contract and then part ways with Nash for another good looking young player?

I would think trading Amare is the last thing that Franchise would want because he is worth a lot more than they will pay him as a fan attraction for years to come.

Again, none of them are power forwards, and Andre may not be a shooting guard. Though Smith does rebound. But ultimately I think you get (a) beaten up inside and (b) killed from the three-point line with that lineup. Since none of them shoot.

About the game, I was a little discouraged by how raw Thad is - all he's got off the dribble is that awkward left-handed runner. He could be a great player if he learns to do more, but one can't be sure he will. Also, giving the ball to Andre 20 feet from the basket to win the game (well, extend the lead) is just bad coaching. I'm not really big on calling a clearout for the game-winner in general, unless you've got Kobe, but with Iguodala it's just beyond dumb. That's not his game. Even a pick-and-pop with Jason Smith would've made more sense.

If I had my choice, I think I'd want the ball in Miller's hands at the top of the key in that situation. He can get a good shot for himself pretty much at will and if they double he's going to find the open guy, probably for a layup.

Tray great point and the clear out thing and I totlly agree with you but you are the first Sixers fan ever to be "discouraged" by something about Thaddeus Young !!!

do you expect a rookie that has to turn 20 yet NOT to be raw ?????????

btw he scores a lot of points on that weird runner and I'm AMAZED, not discouraged, by how many times he does that

he seems to be spinning around only to lose balance but then always lays it in with a sweet touch... it's against any physics law, LOL

Well, some players his age are more polished. I'm a huge fan but I'm not sure if he'll ever become a high-scoring small forward or if he'll just be a really good fast break player, like Marion.

This is a legitimate concern. The only reason I think Thad will become more than that is his moves in the post. He has a real understanding of the footwork involved down there. If he can add some weight to his frame, which he should be able to, he's going to be a versatile scorer in the half court as well.

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