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I think you are overstating what happened. The Pistons were getting much far better attempts down the stretch. The Pistons were getting barely contested layups while the Sixers were getting extremely contested jump shots while fading.

I love that the Sixers won. I think that Miller obviously is the guy to handle the ball down the stretch and make things happen for other players along with Iggy. It was great to see them win in spite of not having Andre, but I still think they got somewhat "lucky."

Lou played solid D down the stretch though. He kept Billups in front of him and didn't bite on fakes. I was impressed with his D to be honest. I was shocked. He may turn into a solid perimeter defender one day. He also had that huge block.

I think Lou is killing this team, but if his D develops and he stops having tunnel vision, I can see something I would like.

I'm not just talking about the end of the game, I'm talking about the entire game. The sixers basically spent 48 minutes in the half court and won. That's a big step.

Max reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 12:58

Plus, can anyone imagine the sixers having won a game like that earlier in the season? Even a month and a half ago? (when they were getting beaten by a sad-sack Knicks team)...I can't. If they can defend the three and play half court they will be dangerous.

Also, if they can get through the next few games and maintain striking distance (1-2 games out) of the sixth seed they should be able to catch Wash once Wash goes out west for 5 games. I want to see how they play against the bulls tonight.

Tell your wife and daughter that the Sixers playing the way they are is much more important than Florida and post something on the amazing game tonight.

(just kidding) (kind of)

My wife has been informed. She didn't seem moved by my argument, though. Especially after sitting through a spring training game in the rain this afternoon.

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