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chazz h on Mar 15 at 7:27


Amazing win- considering who played the bulk of the minutes in the 4th qtr. I was watching the box score online (Gamecast)and kept wondering why Mo didn't bring the first unit back- I just assumed he was giving the game away to save them for tonight. What a great win.

I was pissed when the fourth started. Mo always rests his regulars at the beginning of the quarter, but I thought they had to be in there for those minutes. To his credit, once the momentum swung, he stuck with them and trusted them.

The Bulls suck


has there been a lot of buzz for Mo for COY- he deserves it- especially when you consider most 'experts' had them peg for a top 3 lottery pick

I haven't heard talk about it anywhere, really. If this team finishes above .500, he has to win it. He's got my vote already.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 20:45

I think Rick Adelman may be more deserving. Better coach, way better record, and they've won their last 10 games with McGrady and very little else.

Isn't "McGrady and very little else" more to work with than Miller, Iguodala and very little else?

Plus, he had Yao for the first 35 wins of the season.

The Sixers were pegged at 20 wins by some people, 40 games under .500. Pretty much everyone expected the Rockets to go to the playoffs, some had them winning it all.

Adelman's done a good job, Byron Scott too. One of them will probably win it, but they both had more to work with than Mo did at the beginning of the year. Plus, both of those teams made trades to improve their teams during the season. The only trade the Sixers made subtracted a rotation player. What Mo's done with this team is nothing short of miraculous. He deserves it.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:56

Yeah, it's more, although T-Mac's not so great anymore, but they have the best record in the West and we're a game under .500. As for Scott, his team should be good, he has the second best player in the league.

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