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Miller showed once again that he has to be stopped first and foremost amongst every Sixer player. What will life be like after Miller?

You gave Dalembert a whole paragraph. I would have given him player of the game. His D was outstanding down the stretch and his intensity was stellar every minute he was in.

I went to the game. What a game to watch. Did Miller miss a shot all game?

I think the place would have been destroyed had Lou dunked over duncan after breaking ginobli?'s ankles.

Carney's line was bad probably, but I loved every coaching subsitution I saw. Perhaps a small error or 2 were made. Thad didn't deserve minutes over Carney though for sure tonight, so 20 for Thad is fine with me.

Sammy gets my props. He has earned my respect now after all these years. He earned his paycheck as well. I love his recent effort.

Off topic: How do playoff tickets work? I want to see at least one game...

I'm jealous. The crowd was great last night.

Much to my surprise, Carney has earned the minutes he's playing late over Thad, he's in a little bit of a rut right now, but I expect him to break out of it soon.

Dalembert's defense was stellar, but Miller probably played the best offensive game of his career and every time they needed a hoop, he delivered. I've seen him punish smaller PGs for stretches, but never anything like that. It was a thing of beauty.

I haven't been to a playoff game in Philly since 2002, I think. Back then, I just walked up to the window on the day of the game, bought tickets and went. (we sat in the 200 level). I'm going to keep my eyes open, I'm pretty sure they'll sell tickets on the Web. I'll put a post up when I hear something.

actually Mo stayed with the extra-small line up also in the fourth, when Duncan came back, and thanks to Sam's great one on one defense u correctly underlined we could keep that squad until the end, and it paid dividends

Will the Nuggets game be the fourth consecutive "Biggest win of the season" ??

I hope Sixers fans will pack the arena, applaude Iverson and then root for the Sixers to beat Denver

will you go to the gama Brian? I wish I could !

I wish I could go but I'm getting back from vacation on Tuesday, can't take another day off.

I'm planning to get to at least one game before the regular season ends, and definitely a playoff game or two.

They will beat the Nuggest I think. The Nugs are playing at Detroit the night before. I think the sixers will run on them all night. Look for a 125-115 final.

Y'know what- they are only 2 back of Toronto for 5th- dream big.

I'd rather finish 6th and face Orlando than fifth and face Cleveland.

They match up better with the Magic but knowing this team; they won't let that stop them from seeding higher. They are not afraid of anyone.

Hey Brian. I think you should seriously consider looking into getting your own 76ers blog on this website(http://www.sbnation.com/). It's definitely a legit website. I'm a part of my other favorite team's blogs on there and it's incredible. Unfortunately the Sixers don't have their own blog yet. Since you do this anyway, I think you should look into it. Just a thought.

P.S. If you want to check out some of the best blogs on there, check out any of these. Cubs, Cowboys or Warriors.


Thanks Jordan. I'm a huge fan of Golden State of Mind, but I'm also pretty happy here. I run this network and we've been growing consistently over the past year. If you look at the links under "Blogs In The Network" in the sidebar you'll find some great stuff on some of the other teams in the NBA, MLB and NFL.

This Nuggets game should be interesting, and not just because of Iverson. Denver's scored 137 and 168 the last two games.

Joe reply to Tray on Mar 17 at 0:04

168 in regulation is out of control.

That's insane. Denver's a horrible road team, 12-19 on the road, 28-7 at home.

They're going to be beat up coming into Philly (after playing the Pistons the night before), Iverson's going to want to light it up against the Sixers and that's going to hurt them.

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 0:51

Hopefully Willie Green doesn't start or plays little and we get to see an Iverson Miller 1 on 1 thing.

No matter who starts, if we get into the half-court, expect Miller to abuse his man (Iverson, Carter or Atkins) in the post.

Does anyone remember what Mark Jackson used to do to Iverson when he was playing for the Pacers? Miller is going to make that look like child's play.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 1:17

Iverson picked his spots the last time he played us. I don't know that he'll necessarily shoot that much.

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