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Oh Billy...Billy, Billy, Billy. You know, it's funny how convenient and selective memories can get. Yes, he made the decision to draft and trade for some of these players. But alot of that credit goes to the sixers scouting staff too. From what I gather Tony Dileo deserves alot of the credit. However, I seem to remember a plethora of horrid contracts to some pretty non descript players. Greg Buckner, Steven Hunter, Kenny Thomas, Brian Skinner, Derrick Coleman (when he was washed up)...last but not least let's not forget the beginning of the overpayment era - Deke and Aaron Mckie's respective contracts. Because of the salaries he sanctioned he was always forced to trade for garbage every summer. Plus, after Larry left to coach Detroit, he didn't exactly handle the coaching situation glowingly. Paying people NOT to be a part of his organization was a yearly occurence. I'm positive I've missed a few more foibles...but I digress.

My biggest problem with Billy? Just look to last summer's draft. It's a microcosm of Billy King being Billy King. Had Seattle, Milwaukee, or Minnesota caved last summer and traded with him you just know he would have overpaid in trading to get Yi, Corey Brewer, or Jeff Green (Yi being the one he coveted). How did taking Thad work out? I'm not saying I saw Thad coming. Far from it. But I was screaming NOT to trade for Yi. ANYTHING but Yi. I just didn't want the chinese shawn bradley. Sorry, been there, done that. So, he really just stumbled onto Thad if you think about it.

The man had 11 years(5 without Larry). His time was up.

It would take a lot of ink to list all the bad contracts he signed. Excellent point on Thad too, he gets some credit for making the pick, but loses some for desperately trying to trade up for Yi.

Can you imagine the mess he would make in New York? I mean, he'd be going into the worst situation in sports, but he could really compound the damage greatly. I'd love to see it.

Max reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 7:37

King as GM of the Knicks would be awesome. For his first move, Isiah will get a 5 year extension and part ownership.

Joe reply to Max on Mar 19 at 11:25

I think that was the first time I have ever heard the word "foibles." Good post. I would have to say that sums up Billy's tenure pretty well.

If we had gotten Yi, it would be AI all over again in my mind. Another guy who's worth is entirely business.

Do us Knicks fans really deserve to go from Isiah Thomas to Billy King? What, is Kevin McHale too busy "rebuilding" in Minnesota?


Billy King is a joke and the article confirms it

he did a very good job drafting (even if we can't say how much it was on him and how much on Di Leo, so he should at least share the praise) and was garbage at everything else

fortunately Max & Brian saved me a lot of typing, reminding all his HORRIFIC contracts/extentions. My fav one is still Greg Brickner, a 6 yrs deal for a less-than-marginal role player that was bought out after what, two seasons? the 3 yrs extention to a 36 y/o and washed up Derrick Coleman comes second, and you gotta love also the 7 yrs deal to Kenny Thomas, that Kings fans would like to trade for Amundson or Jeff Ruland right now

You guys forgot the remarkable Randy "juicy face" Ayers signing and the JOB signing + firing

Drafting Thad maybe it was more luck, he desperately tried to trade up, and failed of course, so we was stuck with the 12th pick

To sum it up, King was good only at cleaning the mess he did before (putting us in cap hell ---> clearing cap space, signing crap players ---> trading them etc)

btw in the Sixers board of Philly.com there are a couple of King apologists, busting their balls is one of my fav hobbies

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