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great video thanks Brian

on S4G another great AI video that was made a couple of months ago by a friend of mine, a Lakers fan (!) from Italy (!!):

Click here for video

I hope you don't mind if I put the link here Brian, in case feel free to delete it, no problem, or simply add the video to your post. I thought it would be nice to share it

the point is Iverson is loved nearly everywhere, and also by other teams' fans

Thanks for the link Ricky. Great video.

I will be there and will certainly cheer when Iverson is introduced.

I really want to jump on a train right now and get down there for the game. I'm jealous Mike.


Take a picture if you can and send it to me here, I'll put it up with my recap post tonight.

The email address is brian (at) blogsbyfans (dot) com

That video is MONUMENTAL

Sixers basketball was really dead before he got here. I remember going to a game watching Willie Burton, Dana Barros, Shawn Bradley and Scott Williams getting thoroughly embarrassed by Hakeem and the rest of the Houston Rockets. I recall thinking - how did it all come to this? It was the last game I went to for 5 years. When he was drafted, everything started to change. The Sixers started to matter again and eventually I started going to some games again...Fast forward to the 2001 playoffs, I had the previledge to watch him drop 50+ against the raptors. Best performance I ever saw live. I'll never forget it.

Yup, I've been to world series games, I was at game 7 of the Yanks/Sox in 2003 when Aaron Boone hit that walk-off bomb, and no crowd has ever rivaled a Sixers playoff crowd. My best memory is from the playoff game against the Magic (in 2000, I think) when Iverson had 11 steals. Unbelievable.

I started writing this blog pretty much right when Iverson got traded. I really thought we were in for another stretch like when Barkley left. That's why this season has been so amazing.

I wish I could be at the Wachovia today. Only a couple thousands kms and I could be there.

When I was younger I thought AI to be great. I would blame Tyrone Hill, Eric Snow and George Lynch for everyone of our losses. I would say "why is Eric Snow in the NBA?" I would yell at George Lynch for his missed 3 pointer. I look back now and I feel completely different. Those guys were under appreciated by me.

Iverson laid it out there on the floor every night, but he just did it wrong. He took all ball movement out of the offense and couldn't defend anyone. He was not anything near an efficient scorer. I look at Andre Miller and think... he does it right.

Thats my 2 cents on the AI thing. Would I cheer for him? Don't know. Would I boo? Nope. I'd cheer for the Sixers though. I know that.

On the contrary, I think the average basketball fan thinks he is great. I don't. What he does at his size is incredible, but when you shoot 42%, dominate the ball, gamble for steals all the time, and make tons of turnovers, how much of a net benefit can you really be? I've always felt that having Iverson on your team is a virtual guarantee that you won't win a championship.

Its been many years since ive argued with Iverson haters and im not going to get into it now but i really don't understand their point of view.

Regardless tonight was amazing whether it was the game, the broads at the game, or my uncanny ability to purchase the last two beers sold at the Wachovia Center. Unfortunately I didnt see your message Brian or else I would have thought to bring my camera.

Maurice, please refrain from sticking Willie Green on Iverson in any future matchups? Thanks!

I dont understand why people hate on Iverson either. If you look at any good shooting guard you will find them getting a few turnovers per game but what did Iverson ever have to work with? He generated scoring opportunities for his team with steals and is an underrated passer. He averages more assists than players like Kobe and he will probably pass Jordan all time next year on the career assist list. He never really had a legit scoring threat in the post and he always seemed to get his assists.

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