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Would you rather see Detroit?

Also, I dare say that a game like this underlines the importance of outside shooting.

At this point, I do think I'd rather see Detroit. This game definitely highlighted the advantages of having outside shooting. They have so many guys who can hit the three. To beat them, you really need to punish them for having sub-par defenders in 3 starting positions. That means a half-court slowdown approach on offense, probably. Not the Sixers' strength.

By the way, I'm fully aware that my preference for playoff opponent is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to tonight's horrible game. My preference will probably be the same order it was the other day once I get over this one tomorrow.

Didnt watch the game, I was unfortunately at the Flyers game (i hate figure skating) but you are definitely overreactiong, no matter what happened we would prefer to see Orl than Det. We wont beat either but id rather see Orl

Im watching for the 15th time iversons introduction.

It's just one game. We'll see how they play the nets tonight. Orlando beat them last night dictating the tempo with their threes; refs calls notwithstanding. I just don't understand why they won't let Sam guard howard one on one. Limiting three point looks should be their top priority no matter who they face. When the sixers lose they are almost always giving up too many threes to keep pace in the game.

It wasn't just doubling Howard last night, it was stupid switches that led to other doubles. Miller wound up on Hedo in the post a couple times, which led to doubles, which led to wide open threes. Honestly, I think the very first play of the game was good indication of what was going to happen. Screen and roll with Nelson and Howard, Dalembert jumped out to double the ball hard, but no one rotated to Howard, he was wide open for a dunk. The Sixers were just a step behind.

Hopefully, it was just a hangover from the A.I. game in Philly. Tonight should be a different story.

horrible game

Lou Williams was awful, despite his stat line. I put a lot of blame on him. He needs to stop forcing shots and make the team play, he can't be so selfish, tryin only to fill his stat line

and let's not even start talking about Green or Dalembert

thank God we have to play tonight as well... a chance to bounce back immediately

Absolutely, you don't want to have too much time to sit and think about a game like that. Even Thad had a bad game, he was rushing his shots and missed a ton of layups.

Damn, that's a high % of threes made. Howard giggles like a school girl everytime he sees the Sixers on their schedule.
Anyway, tonight against the Nets should get them at .500 again.

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