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Maybe Vince just wants a talented player in this year's draft.

Even Vince knows you can't rebuild without the number 1 or number 2 pick. He should've started tanking a long time ago.

Heh, Raptors lost, now both teams are at .500, and the Raps keep falling. Detroit seems to be playing crappy lately, but in the playoffs you can't be sure what's gonna happen with them. I'm still unsure about which team I'd rather see the Sixers play with.

The Raptors hold the tiebreaker over us, though. At this point, I think it's just win as many games as possible and let the chips fall where they may. The only team I really don't want to face is Boston.

I'm kind of dreading tonights game. If the sixers can keep it competitive till the end that's all anyone can ask for. However, is anyone else surprised about Boston's airtight defense? Other than KG; I didn't think any of these players could really play elite defense but they are now. Is it KG's endless intensity? Is it Doc Rivers? I doubt it's Doc. Teams were running up the score on them when KG went down earlier this year so I'm inclined to say alot of it is KG.

It's KG and Pierce. KG's influence, and Pierce actually caring. He's just been lazy for the past couple of years, he's motivated now.

Joe reply to Max on Mar 24 at 15:43

I want to see the Sixers play Boston. It is another great litmus test for this young team.

Why the defense so good?

I would say KG has helped. KG is a much better defender than I thought him to be in Minny.

Personally I would give most of credit to some of their less known guys. Perkins, Posey, Powe, Big Baby, Eddie House. Those 5 guys are great defenders and most play with a "chip on their shoulder."

They did go 7-2 without KG. The 2 losses by a combined 4 points.

Max Manzi on Mar 24 at 22:16

Obviously, my reverse psychology worked...I'm an idiot and the sixers really showed me tonight.

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