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I am both shocked and appalled that you chose the easy way out in the AL East. For shame.

I really don't know what to think about the Yanks and Sox. The Sox don't look as strong as last year to me, but the Yanks have too many questions that need to be answered to say for sure they will leapfrog. We're going to have to wait and see.

I went back and forth on both teams too, but I made a decision. I picked with my heart, but I chose. You must also choose. And choose wisely.

Astros? Really? Might have to get out of that (AL) East bias and double check that one. :) If the 'Stros finish fourth, I'd be pretty surprised.

Not that I'm saying the Cardinals will win the thing, but I've not seen anyone else be that high on Houston.

I had to pick one surprise. This division seems the most wide-open to me. Each team has flaws, and I think Houston made the most improvements. Just don't look at their rotation too closely.

I will say it sometimes seems like a very split division, with the Reds, Cubs and Brewers all seeming like they have a chance and the 'Stros, Cards and Pirates not so much. But once the season starts, all bets are off. I'd like the Stros better if they had anyone, ANYONE behind Oswalt.

just a note but Upton cant be rookie of the year he had too many ab's last year. my pick would be maybin from the marlins.

interesting picks. my favorite part is by far the ian kennedy ROY. I'm with you on that one, and on the maddux/moose thing. Is it me or does he have a "underdog amongst the big 3" thing going for him? Cause he's definitely my favorite out of the 3.

Everyone overlooks Kennedy. I mean EVERYONE. If you ask them why, they say he doesn't throw hard enough, and his only "plus" pitch is his change-up.

Take a look at his minor league numbers though, he's right up there with Hughes, Joba and Buchholz. Even his K/9 was very impressive. He knows how to pitch, has impeccable control and he changes speed. I'll take a guy in the low 90's with those attributes over a guy who throws 95 with no control any day of the week.

He's also got the most innings to work with this season. If you have a fantasy draft coming up, take him. He's going to win 15 games.

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