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I remember a few short months ago when Rodney Carney was the worst player in the league!!

See, he grows on you!

Carney's transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. Apparently he came to the gym an hour early and stayed an hour late every single day working on his outside shot. It's paying dividends now. He's shooting 45% from downtown over the past 7 games, he's grabbing rebounds, playing D, running the floor. It's a thing of beauty.

I'm the first to admit when I'm wrong. If he keeps this up, he's a solid rotation player.

His transformation is just like how he was in high school and college. It took him the first couple years and then it call clicked.

Slow learner?

That and maybe it takes a while for him to get used to different surroundings and has to get comfortable with things.

Carney needs Willie's minutes plain and simple.(Give some to Thad too) I did not mind the Carney pick when it happened. I was screaming BUST!! no less than 2 months ago. I have since taken the bust comments back. He is proving himself.

He still cannot dribble at all so he just leaves that to everyone else now.

Know what is funny? What if... Thad, Carney, Jason Smith, and Iggy all learn how to actually block shots somewhat well. The defense can get so much better. Jason is pretty good.

Iguodala's blocks are up this year .66/game. I think Thad has the instincts and the ups to block shots. He goes for them and I think he'll develop into a nice guy coming from the weak side for swats. Smith is very good.

Phillygoose on Mar 25 at 14:59

Don't forget that not only did Ed make the Korver trade; he was reportedly the one that urged Mo to play the young guys more and push the ball, which as you can see, is working out great so far.

Yup. Stefanski deserves a lot of credit for this team's play. King may have assembled the parts, but Stefanski figured out how to put them together.

you can just see it in carney's face that hes starting to get it. He doesn't have the deer in headlights look anymore when he's out there hes really trying to prove himself.

It's better than that. When he's on the floor he looks like he wants to punish the other team. When he's open for a three it's like he knows he's going to hit it. Confidence is a beautiful thing in a shooter.

All the Carney talk makes me think; if you include him with all the youngsters we have, there are alot of desirable assets to this team. If the sixers were to pick up a PF in the off season via trade or sign and trade, what pieces from this current team should the sixers be willing to give up? Assuming of course, it will take at least one veteran potentially coupled with draft picks. This is a loaded question because it wholly depends on what caliber player comes back but it still makes you think.

If it's a sign and trade, the Sixers will give up next to nothing. Basically, the team is trading for the cap space, so they may take a bit player or two to make the salaries work, but the team has zero leverage once they agree to do the sign and trade. They're getting something instead of nothing for letting the player go.

If it's a pure trade, it really depends on who the player is and what the situation is. I would assume that it would be a situation where the team wants to dump salary, in a big way. So essentially, the trade is for that $10-$14M in cap space the Sixers have. They might want one player with some upside, maybe Carney, but the players involved won't be the key. The money will be the key.

Reggie Evans is a possibility. His contract isn't great, but it isn't a killer either, and a lot of teams would like to have him. As much as I'd love it to be Green, I doubt anyone is going to want his contract.

For it to be a monstrous blockbuster, Miller might have to be heading in the other direction. That's the only way the Sixers can get up to $20M in a trade. That or a sign and trade with Iguodala, which I think is highly unlikely.

To be honest with you, Jermaine O'Neal is really the only disgruntled guy I can see who makes that much money, and I can't imagine the Sixers going after him. I'd hate to see him added to this team. I guess Zach Randolph is another, but he'd have a coronary playing for the Sixers, plus, isn't it safe to say he's a team killer at this point?

Max reply to Brian on Mar 25 at 20:49

OK, the sign and trade is the way to go then, definitely. While I don't have an obvious scenario in mind (I've heard Josh Smith's name thrown around in this space), it would be great if they could upgrade just by using cap space and draft picks. Their young talent just plays so hard - I feel like a kid with a new toy who doesn't want to give it up...

I don't know that I'd be willing to part with Miller either. There is no point taking on an aging veteran making 20 mil and then subtracting miller. We've had to endure Webber and Coleman aloofness. No more, please. Plus, they don't have anyone to replace miller. Lou is more of a Vinnie Johnson/Bobby Jackson combo guard better served coming off the bench.

i can't wait for the youtube vid of stu scott sucking off tom brady while jason veritek whacks off in the background.

maybe i can wait.

Brian can u believe my ADSL connection went down Monday night and I couldn't watch the Bos game yet ?????????????????

I made up for it reading your posts and comments by fans...

I hope I can download it tonight, I am as excited as I don't know the score, LOL

Brian -
At this point in the season, with Philly making the playoffs, who do you think they take in the draft?

Let's say they re-sign Iggy and don't go after a PF and just stick with their cap space and try to build with draft pieces.

The two guys I'm praying will fall to them are Love and Budinger. Love may be playing himself into the lottery right now, Budinger may have played himself out of it this season.

The needs are the same no matter how the Sixers address them, perimeter shooting and low-post scoring. Ideally, they won't do anything to change the core philosophy of the team in making the moves, so I think Budinger is a really good fit. Love, well he'd need to get his ass in shape if he was going to run with these guys, but I love his all-around game.

You probably follow college hoops more closely than I do, who else do you see available in the late teens that could fill one of those needs for the Sixers?

For when they would be picking:

I really like Courtney Lee (Western Kentucky), he is another Indianapolis kid, but his game really translates to the pros. He is the team leader and has been a starter for four years there.

Also, Brandon Rush is another possibility. I also like Josh Shipp, but I don't think he will get drafted if a lot of fringe underclassmen declare.

A few other guys that could fit the system: Bill Walker (K-State), Earl Clark (Louisville - his game would mesh well with Iggy, Miller, and Thad), and Tyler Smith (Tennessee).

Also, you are right about Budinger, he has sort of moped his way out of the lottery in my opinion. Philly would still have a shot at him if they picked 16th or 17th I think. Not too sure what big men would fit in with this group. Although, I like Richard Hendrix (Alabama) and Jeff Pendergraph (Arizona State) in the second round.

Cool. I'll add these guys to my list for draft previews. Thanks.

Joe reply to The GM on Mar 26 at 14:10

I like your blog GM, but not the Pacers. Good NCAA stuff.

Love - Outlet passing... anyone better? He will be gone probably, so I am not thinking about him.

Courtney Lee - intangibles, defense, NBA game and NBA ready. (insert rant) I want this pick.

Walker, Smith - I like, but need to see more.

Hendrix - in the 2nd? hell yeah.

Rush is solid. So is Tyler Smith. I would rather have Terrence Williams than Earl Clark.

Joe -

Thanks, I'm beginning to think that there aren't many Pacer fans left!

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