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I re-read the entire blog and was rolling on the floor laughing at least five times. Especially the comments about iggy vs pierce and then heinsohn!! What a great live blog - sorry I couldn't take part. Oh, and can someone figure out a way to trade Thabo for Willie straight up? I am starting to get a little annoyed at this "starting willie and then leaving him in there after Thad and company gave us a huge lead" thing - either go big OR athletic, please don't go Willie anymore.

Thanks Max, it was a lot of fun. We'll probably do another one before the end of the season and then definitely for the playoffs.

Agreed, Willie needs to take a seat. Hopefully Mo will pull the trigger Friday.

the live blog is nice, definitely, too bad it's difficult for me to join it AND watch the game, for many reasons (time zone difference, my computer freezing if I do the two things at the same time etc etc)

also a couple of times that I chatted with a friend on Yahoo messenger while watching a game (=same stuff of your live blog) and I realized that what I was seeing on my computer was coming with a delay of some minutes, so he was basically telling me what would have happened few plays after the one I was watching, LOL

anyway great addition to your site Brian, you will see me coming back if I have the chance !!!

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