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ah, I'll be at work, and we just moved to a place with zero tvs. I guess i'll rely on you to keep me informed.

Cool. I have a sweet video of Deng getting rejected by Dalembert.

I have been watching the games through streams online. If you have access to windows media player, chances are you can watch any games online.

Last night I watched the Sixers and the Lakers game. I had to listen to the Boston announcers though which was horrible.

I have spent a better part of the last 2 months finding good sites to watch the Sixers on since I don't have cable.

If I am on my computer to watch the game, I will post a link to it if I can find one, else I will be pretty sad and keep abreast with the live blog I guess and then watch the game on delay. If I can't find a link, I may just go a few doors down though too.

Nice, I have six sweet videos of the Bulls winning titles since the last time your 76ers did.

Touche. How does 11th place feel? At least your Bulls will get to waste another lottery pick.

At least I have hair. (low blow, sorry)

Seriously I love this game.

No one really knows how much hair I have. I went with the preemptive shave before the balding damage could be fully assessed. Can you do me a favor and say sausage, I love the Chicago accent :)

I would be down for this if not the next game, at some point. Thanks for the reading material for my last 1/2 hour at work

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