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It's a waste of time to debate ESPN's character or journalism expertise because they have none. The extent of my viewing starts and ends with their sports tickers.

Their programming is nothing; try going to their website. You'll get lots of Boston/New England themed columns and not much else. Plus you have some really idiotic writers. Take Mark Stein, for instance. The sixers are the hottest team this side of the mississippi and all he can write in his "power rankings" sixers space is some back handed comment about "Leasteners". That particular saying has worn thin. It's a joke. Then you have that genius, Chris Sheridan. He's even worse. If the sixers keep taking care of business, they won't have to worry about garnering respect from these imbiciles.

Yup, keep the chip firmly planted on the shoulder and go out and win games.

I just saw those power rankings. Not only is Sheridan an a-hole for his comments, but he leapfrogged the Nuggets over the Sixers, AFTER the Sixers beat the Nuggets.

I love the chirp about the Sixers falling below .500 last night too.

I remember a while ago I saw a pic about ESPN's frontpage, that had 9 of 11 headlines about Boston/NY. 9! I thought the same about the highlights, they were crappy as hell, just showing 2 dunks and that's it. No counts for Boston misses or Philly's run in the 4th.
And hey, don't get me started on Bill Simmons.

UncleBrett on Mar 25 at 14:29


Iggy's steal for the slam didn't make top plays. I was disappointed. Rondo's spin move made #2 I think though or something ridiculous.

I watch more fox sports stuff than SC. You have to deal with the statistical fantasy approach a good amount, but I am fine with that.

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