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, all the time

It is by Sheridan.

If I saw a headline where the Sixers got Zach, Jermaine, or Gil I would immediately break something and drink heavily.

Smallwood wrote one today too. Smallwood is the worst. I hate him on Daily News.

Good catch w/ Sheridan. It's fixed. I was wondering why Jasner was making sense :)

I think I like Narducci the best of the Sixers' beat writers. They do tend to all write the same things on off days, it's annoying.

I don't think Wallace killed them. Sure, he was clearly headed downhill and they should've kept Tyson Chandler instead, but Chandler's sort of a product of Chris Paul's passing anyway. The mistake was that they added a defensive player to a great defensive team when they needed to find a reliable scorer. They should've drafted Aldridge instead of trading down for Thomas. That was their big mistake.

Wallace's decline on the court and his clashes with Skiles off the court were really the beginning of the end. The Thomas trade was also a huge mistake, you're right about that.

So you'd see signing Josh Smith as the same type of Wallace move, right?

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 26 at 19:48

Not nearly as bad because Smith is still improving, Wallace was on the decline. That said, even if they had been getting the really good Ben Wallace, I'm not sure that it would've been a great move - sure, it would've made them a perennial 50-win team, but I don't think that's the way to win a championship. Not with Gordon and Deng as your go-to guys and Hinrich as your point guard. They'd be modeling themselves on Detroit without Detroit's overall talent level. Of course, Iguodala and Young arguably have higher ceilings than Gordon and Deng. It's a hard call.

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