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If we split with Cleveland, we have the tiebreaker with them. Tiebreaker is up for grabs in our last meeting with Wash. Both worth mentioning I think.

My worry. Toronto beat Detroit last night. Bosh is back. They seem to be letting Ford start. That can't be permanent, playoff resting? Toronto did collapse when Bosh wasn't there. Maybe they will return to form?

Tonight has to be the toughest of the games left. Phoenix off 2 straight losses?

I predict 45 wins, if I could predict 44 1/2 I would. I think they win tonight and beat the cavs twice. Last 2 losses come to DET, ATL or @NJ.

Detroit may rest there starters. Charlotte may be in tank mode. Hawks have no pick and nothing to lose. Dangerous spoilers.

Tiebreakers are important, you're right. Toronto has a 3-1 edge on us, so they get it. Have to finish a full game ahead of them. Cleveland and Washington will be decided over the next 10, as you said.

I think an 8-2 finish w/ two wins over cleveland gets us the #4 seed. It's going to be fun.

I think they'll finish 7-3. Phoenix is trying to forget the game against the Celts, Lebron will win one for the Cavs and Detroit will get into semi-playoff gear. Game @Washington is going to be awesome, I think they'll beat them and end up with the 5th seed.

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