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Is Phoenix still a giant? They just lost to Detroit and Boston - great teams, obviously, but we've beaten both recently. Also, they really only beat us because we didn't score, and that's not Phoenix's game, so I don't know if I give them credit for good defense or say we just missed shots. There's no shame in holding the Suns to 107 points. What I take from this loss is that we're still a pretty shabby offensive team, and that hitting 10 threes the other day was a huge fluke. Though maybe down the road Carney becomes a reliable shooter, but it sure hasn't happened yet. Oh, and I wouldn't be so hesitant to bash Willie. 2-8, 3 fouls in 19 minutes... I'm inclined to make a snarky comment about him being Ben Gordon lite but I'll save it.

Willie was bad, but so was the rest of the team. It wasn't his fault they started so cold, which was my point about Mo starting him the other day.

Hitting 10 threes the other night was a fluke, but they aren't as bad offensively as they were tonight. They're somewhere in between. Maybe it's a different story if Iguodala actually makes a jumper or two, or Miller doesn't start 0/5 from the floor.

They need to turn the page on this one and go to Cleveland and win on Sunday.

By the way, did you catch Ben Gordon's line against the Sixers the other night? 3/12, 1/6 from three, premiere shooter indeed.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 20:53

Not a very typical line for Gordon, who's the second most accurate shooter from three over his career in the league and the ninth most accurate of all time. (I didn't believe that myself, but see below.)


Wow. That is an amazing stat.

I still say he's the same type of player as Green, a gunner who plays no D. He turned down the same kind of money Iguodala did before the signing period ended this year, I don't think he's worth $55M+ over 5 years, especially to this team.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 22:29

I mean, Louis Williams is the same "type" of player that Allen Iverson is... but does that mean anything? Depending on how good a gunner is, he can be a valuable asset. I agree that $55M is probably a bit much.

I am not concerned by this loss; yes I would like them to start Thad over Willie. yes, they can shoot better than they showed. yes, they will make the playoffs. The thing I want to see is better (and smarter) rotation defense. At some point you have to just let a team try and beat you one on one every once in a while. When your shot is not falling you have bring your lunchpail and hold the other team.

The Suns are an extremely tough to team to go one-on-one against, now. Especially if Shaq is going to show he has enough left in the tank. They've got two guys you pretty much need to double down low.

What is it about the Sixers that makes Boris Diaw play like an All Star? Every time I see him play against anyone else he's an absolute stiff, but he always seems to drop 20 on us.

Don't let Willie off the hook. He is a cancer and must be chemo'd or contained somehow.

Iggy's jumper was horrible. Miller was fine I thought.

Thad was in foul trouble. I still wanted him out there towards the end of the 3rd for big minutes.

Painful game to be a part of. I watch Willie constantly now looking for his mistakes. I may be biased but I definitely think he is the reason we lost.

Thad picked up two quick fouls early and Mo sat him, which I don't agree with at all. He's a sub, leave him out there, the odds of him fouling out in his limited minutes are very slim. 13 minutes is just way too few for him.

When he first came into the game, when the team was completely stagnant, the Sixers went on a quick 4-0 run. They should've gone to him earlier and more often. Make something happen, even if you have to put him on Amare.

Evans did have one of his best games of the year, though, so I guess that might've had something to do with it. What I don't get is why Mo didn't try to go big for a little while at least, when it was pretty obvious the other lineups weren't working.

Max reply to Brian on Mar 29 at 22:40

I'll say this; the sixers losses the last 2 months are a product of falling behind BIG just like you said. Starting willie AND evans at the same time is the culprit. Mo needs to stop messing around with this, pronto. Thad needs to start - willie needs to sit. They need Thad's energy from the beginning and he needs 25-30 mins.

Fast eddie had better find a taker for willie this summer before I break my TV next season - after he forces up his 6 straight horrible shot during the home opener.

The problem with Willie is that when he's playing well, for him, the team breaks even. He scores enough to make up for what he takes away, it's basically a zero sum game. When he's not playing well, he kills them on both ends of the floor. For a long time, he was playing well enough where he didn't matter. He'd give them points in bunches, his man would score. The rest of the team could just go about its business. They can't do that now. He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, he can't defend. They have to pick up for him on both ends of the floor.

Like I said before, they don't really have a choice right now, though. He has to play, they have to get those minutes from somewhere, and they don't have another option unless you're going to push That to 35 minutes/game and Carney to 30. If you do that, you aren't going to be able to run, or defend, the way you do now. The rotation has to be deep. The one thing Mo needs to do is realize what's going on early in the first quarter. If he sees the team off to one of those horrendous starts, he needs to get Thad and/or Carney in there right away. Don't let it become a 10-point deficit in the first quarter before you start making subs.

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