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That's 2 losses in a row since the first week of February. Wow.
Close game in the road against the Cavs. Makes youn think a lot about the chances they have against them in a playoff series.
Sixers have to win next 3 games, when they play supposedly inferior teams (NJ, 2xAtl).

Agreed. They need to right the ship as soon as possible. If they don't, we could be looking at the 8 seed and Boston in the first round.

Cheeks needs to have a talk with Willie. He has to let him know he is no longer a starter and his minutes are being cut drastically. Insert Thad, Carney, whoever.

This game was one where Thad did his usual thing. His biggest problem right now is simply focus. He lost focus on 2 separate shots in the 4th. He was still all over the court getting to loose balls and the such. He made a shot from the post and 2 jumpers as well. Gotta love some of what he showed in the game.

The first Iggy "post" shot was incredible.

I am gonna attempt an html link so I don't destroy your page like long links tend to do.


Get a Red Lasso account by the way if you don't already.(redlasso.com) It is really cool. I watch Sixers games on delay with it and you can make clips about the game for your recaps and such if you want in virtually no time.

Thanks Joe, I requested an invite from Red Lasso, it looks pretty cool.

The Sixers were -4 with Willie on the court tonight, +1 when he was out.

This one really bothered me. Not only did Thad miss three layups, but they blew 4 or 5 break opportunities. You can't do that.

I do love going to Iguodala in the post in the 4th though, they even did it with LeBron on him twice and he got exactly what he wanted all three times.

I want to see them punish the Nets on Tuesday. Tonight wasn't a bad loss, but it's still a loss. They need to get another W on the board as soon as possible.

It took 11 days for my invitation to be accepted when I requested in the beginning of Feb, so it may take some time.

Some blogs like allthingsphillysports already are using it, but I am pretty sure everyone will be using it pretty soon.

Miller on Lebron was great too. All I saw of the game was some of the 1st quarter and the entire 4th. Miller did a pretty good job not giving Lebron the jump shot and also forced him towards help from what I saw. As you said, he continues to assert himself on both sides of the court. He really is a pleasure.

Joe are Sixers games downloadable from Redlasso? or do they put URLs to watch them after they are played, like other sites do?

I just asked for an invitation but if it takes so much time...

in case someone has a wasy to make me watch the Cavs game please email me at




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