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Looks a little empty. Not able to watch the game because of the rescheduled Yankees game on YES in the Sixers time slot. Melky looks good though. Hoping to catch a re-run later on.

Were those your seats? Look pretty good.

How was that game not a blowout? I saw no real times I thought the Nets should be within 10 points.

Yeah, the seats were unreal. I lucked out, check the recap for the story. There wasn't really a time when I was sweating the outcome. The Nets seemed to be doing just enough to keep it close until things really started to matter. It was great watching Mo on the bench, as soon as it was in hand he went up and down the bench giving high fives.

I agree, the Nets stink but Devin Harris is really good and Vince actually looked like he cared later in the game. Hence the close score. But I really liked the 23 and under lineup during the early 4th Iggy, Carney, J Smith, Lou, and Thad. Isn't it awesome that we finally have good young players and not Greg Buckner, Brian Skinner, and Corliss Williamson? A win is a win and they needed it with Atlanta looming.

Harris looked really good early on. He was pushing the ball, and burning pretty much everyone off the dribble. He has a nice finish at the hoop too.

Carter got hot for a small period of time in the fourth, then disappeared when it was all on the line (two straight turnovers). As usual, he was laughing and joking around as his team was fading down the stretch. No big shock there.

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