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Willie played great. End result? A push... I still think he needs to ride the pine.

Absolutely, Willie needs to play well or great for it to be an even sum when all is said and done. That's why he needs to go in the offseason (or at least become the 8th or 9th man in the rotation).

I'm more troubled by Thad's reduced role. It's funny, there was a point when the offense was completely stagnant, in the second quarter I think. Mo called a timeout and actually ran a play for Thad. He got the ball with his back to the basket about half-way between the foul line and the low block on the left side of the floor, made a pretty spin move and converted (I can't remember who was guarding him). As soon as he got the ball in that position I knew it was a hoop. You'd think Mo would go with that play more often than once the entire game wouldn't you?

Anyway, they've got a couple of days of practice to get ready for the Hawks, 2-0 in the back-to-back and we're in business for the #5 seed.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 2 at 14:08

Yeah. He had 2 plays called for him. Maybe even 3.

The one you are referring to he was guarded by Boone on... [Thad] nothing but net.

I loved his other bucket in the 4th where he banked it high off the glass while getting clobbered by Sean Williams. Remember when everyone was saying that Sean Williams was a steal? Oh how times change. He can't beat out Josh Boone.

How about Lou Will pressing the ball carrier. I love it. The Nets were getting into their offense with less than 10 seconds left over and over. I remember reading an article like 2 months ago where it said that Mo has been trying to get Lou to full court press more. I like the move a lot.

Miller looked tired last night haha. He can't keep up with the young pups...

Awesome. Thanks for the clip. They should run that play 5 times/game, minimum. He was up against a taller player who had blocked 4 shots in the game and there was nothing he could do.

I'm looking forward to seeing Thad on Josh Smith and vice versa this weekend.

that Redlasso site is great Brian, I have to thank publicly Joe because it was the only way for me to catch the game today (so yes, I am late... but what can I do?)

one of these days I'll try to figure out how the clips making funtion works, anyway it will surely be a great addition for all bloggers

Great to see you were at the game Brian, you should have told Salembert to practice layups and baby hooks, not threes..

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