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brandon on Jan 3 at 7:14

You have to love AI. 7 turnovers? This is why he is no longer a Top 10 player in the league. How about that play in the first quarter when he was flying up the court and Miller went for a steal that resulted in Iverson spinning in a 360 and falling to the floor. No call was made. That was awesome.

He's still a top-ten player easily, he's just not in a better situation in Denver, than he was in Philly.

He's got a little more talent around him, but it's not the right kind of talent.

I bet his best friend on the team winds up being Najera. That's the kind of player he needs to be surrounded by, not shoot-firtst LP's like Earl Boykins and head cases like Carmelo and J.R. Smith.

Oh, and George Karl's "laid back" attitude is going to be taken advantage of by A.I. like you wouldn't believe.

if i'm on the sixers and a.i. or k-mart calls my hotel to go to a nightclub after the game, i don't answer.

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