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They should start Thad tonight because of Atlanta's athletic lineup. They need to D up on Bibby and Childress too.

Agreed. It'll be interesting to see if Mo goes with Thad in the starting lineup. They've faced a series of teams with two bigs in a row, this was the type of lineup he was starting Thad against. I wonder if he goes back to it.

This is a nitpick, but the Hawks aren't a surprise team. Many people predicted playoffs and even a .500 record. I have to say, I thought Bibby would help them a lot more than he has.

Up 5 against the Hawks at the half. As always, we I'm not watching the game 'cause of all the games we get per year, half of them are Spurs games [/rant].
Anyway, how does it look so far?

Playoffs baby!

That's the first step. Now they need to get the 5 seed, or higher.

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