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I think Kennedy's struggles were more a result of getting squeezed than having problems with his control. I mean, he was near the corners all game, he just wasnt getting any calls. And since he wasnt getting the calls, he had to move his pitches further into the strike zone and he got knocked around. He doesnt have blow-you-away stuff, so if he's not getting calls on the corners, he's going to struggle.

Because I'm a masochist, I'm watching the game again on my DVR...and I can see Kennedy was near the strike zone all night.

Case in point: He walked Iwamura on a full count to start the game, and two of the four balls were VERY close to being strikes, including the 2-2 pitch.

And then there was the at-bat that knocked Kennedy out of the game, the bases loaded AB to Riggins, the back-up catcher. Ball 1 was clearly outside, then he got squeezed on the 1-0 pitch, then Riggins fouled off a pitch, then he got BADLY squeezed on the 2-1 pitch, and with the bases loaded of course he had to throw a fastball down the middle to not walk in a run. But if it had been a 2-2 count, he would have been in much better shape

As for Latroy, if Damon was in left he gets out of the inning having only given up the homerun to Floyd. Damon would have caught the flyball to left that Hinske hit, then the next batter got on-base on a soft grounder in the hole, then three consecutive soft-hit bloop singles

Hawkins sucks, but he wasnt nearly as bad as his stat line would suggest

I was very angry when Kennedy was in there. You're right, the squeezing was ridiculous. I didn't harp on it because that's going to happen sometimes. He needs to find a way to fight through it. One thing he didn't do was start yelling at the ump like a certain other starter in the rotation would have. I guess that's a good sign.

Nice headline!

joe G has a 103+ fever!! ease up on him brian lol

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