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You can see Miller is visibly frustrated with Willie on that clip. Poor Willie. I love how he attempted 11 shots in 20 minutes. Thad attempted 7 in 40. Thad had more FGs...

The baby hook from Thad is automatic. For next season, nothing would please me more than to see him doing it with the right hand too.

Sixers 25-28 from the FT line? What is that about?

As for the Hawks, not a bad team. Acie Law played great D in limited action. I hope his action is limited again tonight, because Miller had serious problems with him. Why is Marvin Williams playing over Josh Childress? Childress is better in every single facet of the game. I hope Marvin plays big minutes again tonight so I can see some more of his stellar defense!

Childress: RFA at end of season. He is gonna get paid somewhere and the Hawks cycle will continue. I truly feel bad for anyone who is a loyal Hawks fan. If they had just drafted anyone but Marvin Williams...

The FT disparity was pretty funny. The Hawks are really good from the line and they only shot 16/21.

I can only hope that the powers that be in the organization see the same thing we do in Willie Green. The more I think about it, the more I think replacing him might be more important than signing an impact PF (unless it's Brand).

I'm going to write a piece about the SG's who may become available this Summer soon.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 5 at 11:28

I look forward to the SG's piece.

The Sixers really need to find out where Andre Miller stands this offseason. If they know he isn't coming back, then they have to address the PG position, whether it be through the draft or through a free agent like Calderon or a guy like Beno Udrih. I like Lou, but he can't be plan A and B.

I think the long term plan is Iggy at the 2 and Thad at the 3, so I am not sure they need a SG badly, but depth at the position would be great and I certainly wouldn't be opposed to getting a good rotation guy for a good price at SG.

Max reply to Joe on Apr 5 at 12:52

Thad was awesome, they just go on these runs when he's in there. He is so good off the ball and his defense improves every week. If you notice, he is always moving his feet. It allows him to get to rebounds no one else seems to get too (rodman-esque?)

I can't agree more with the Willie situation. I'm starting to think getting rid of him might be better than adding an above average 4 and keeping Willie. If they look to add the best available 2 OR 4; your chances of significantly upgrading your roster increases. How can Willie shoot like that and they STILL are minus? Look forward to the SG piece.

I don't think you can plan on Miller being the starting PG here beyond next year. He's said he's a west coast guy before, and to be honest with you, as great as he's been I'm not sure you want to extend him past his year 34 season. He's got to slow down at some point.

They probably need to address the long term PG position this offseason one way or the other, and bank on replacing Miller the year after. If he can be resigned at a reasonable rate for a year or two at that point, go ahead and do it (if his skills haven't diminished), but keep an eye toward the future because he isn't going to be your answer at PG in 2 or 3 years, most likely.

Tray reply to Joe on Apr 5 at 16:13

I think Marvin has a lot more game than you're giving him credit for, though of course Childress is a more polished player.

Marvin impressed me over these two games. I think he's actually under-utilized by Atlanta.

Childress's ugly jump shot makes me overlook everything positive he does. I just can't get past it.

How about Thad's job on Josh Smith? They both scored 12 points but TY did it with 7 less shots. Josh Smith has 0 confidence in his jumpshot and I really see no difference in him and Thaddeus on the offensive end at this point.

If we got him this offseason, He would probably enhance the fastbreak dept. (if possible) but he is not a good offensive player. Our defense would be spectacular but I'm not sold on giving up that much money for someone that is not much better than a draft pick we have invested in already. We could use that money for a SG for example.

Andres reply to Aarick on Apr 5 at 16:04

Why settle for a SG? It would be better to get just a shooter, doesn't matter if it's a SG or SF. It would give the team tons of possibilities, like playing Thad at the 4, Iggy and player X switching between the wings; or Iguodala at SG, Thad at SF with the soon-to-be-signed (hopefully) player as a scoring punch off the bench, etc, etc.

Ideally, yes they'd get the best shooter they can. I'd prefer it comes in either a SG or PG, though. I don't think we really want 3 SF in the starting lineup. I'm contradicting myself here a little bit because above I said I wanted Josh Smith, but I think he's an exception, he brings a lot to the table as a PF.

I'm still in love with the idea of Smith and Dalembert swatting 5+ shots per game between them and having a starting 5 that no one can really match up with. I think this team would average less than 90 points allowed per game. They could find enough offense to make it work.

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