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Always hard to put a loss on one player, so I guess I agree, but if he had gone 5-11 instead of 1-11, we would've won, right?

Possibly. He was horrible, as usual, but it wasn't only his fault. If Dalembert hits his average we probably win. If Dalembert and Evans don't drop 4 passes right in their hands at point blank range, it's probably a win. If Mo goes big and puts either Thad or Iguodala on Marvin Williams in the first quarter it's probably a win.

Willie was only -3 on the night, by my count. He's done far worse than that. He actually helped the comeback in the 3rd quarter, which almost never happens.

I'm wondering what Mo is going to do against Detroit. He went with the big lineup for the Sixers' win @ Detroit, but that was because Willie was hurt. I think he has to go with it again. We'll see.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 6 at 15:48

Well, plus-minus in any one game probably means even less than PER. There's no control for how everyone else was playing in those 20 minutes (or who was playing).

I haven't watched the game yet. I don't think I will.

Some interesting reading on Willie... [link]

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