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massimo on Apr 7 at 10:24

interesting post....
I think Calderon would just be the best choice as you pointed out. We already had a pure shooter in Korver and it didn't work out so good for this team that needs to RUN to be effective.
Calderon as a Miller backup would be interesting too.
My second choice is Arenas without a doubt.
That said the PF is our weakest position and Thad will not ever be a true one. He is very talented but not an enforcer.
Go for Elton Brand Sixers!!!!

I have to think Brand is option #1 for the Sixers, but there are a lot of question marks, the first being will he opt out or will the Clippers extend him.

Calderon would be perfect, but Toronto probably isn't going to let him walk.

I'd rather not have Arenas.

I think the main question is are the Sixers better off adding a good piece, like Mike Miller, at the shooting guard and sticking with Thad at the 4, or adding a marginal piece at the 4 (like Turiaf, or even Zach Randolph) and moving Thad to the 3 and Iguoadala to the 2? I think I'd rather go the Miller route.

I dont think id even want elton brand coming off the injury and signing himn to a 4 or 5 year deal when hell be 30 next season. Hopefully Stefanski is molding this team to play nellie ball with no true four to cause matchup problems. with thad's rebounding ability and frame to get alot bigger i think it could work. Signing Josh Smith wouldn't be bad or even trading for beasley who would be a ideal fit and could be had if miami or someone like that wins the lottery because riley likes his vets. Would you trade miller and our number 1 to get beasley?i no miller is definitly our mvp this year but i doubt he'll resign with us after next season especially because he'll be 33.

I want to go into battle w/ Miller next year. I'm resigned to the fact that he's gone after next season, but I think this team has a chance to make some serious noise in the playoffs with him and another piece or two in '08-'09.

I think if Miami gets the #1 and they aren't crazy about Beasley they'd take Rose, I doubt they'd trade out of it unless someone just blows their doors off.

Brand is about the only "low post" guy out there who I'd like to see in Philly, at least among the candidates who seem to be available (Jermaine O'Neal, Zach Randolph, to name a few). The other PF's available, Josh Smith and Antawn Jamison, kind of fit with the style the Sixers play now, I'd love Smith and I don't want Jamison.

Yea i definitly dont want to trade miller unless we were getting a future star back. I actually wouldn't mind signing artest because i doubt brand will opt out and smith while hes a freak on defense and a highflyer has no jump shot and no post game even though we would probably be the best defensive team in the league. Artest gives you both great offense and one of the top 3 perimeter defenders in the league along with a great post defender. I no he's crazy but i do think he wants to win a starting 5 of miller iguodala thad artest and dalembert looks like a top 3 team in the east to me. i agre with you on jamison hes a nice player but they could do alot better.

emeka okafor is also a restricted free agent who might be a good fit charlotte has alot of big contracts now and may now be able to match a good size offer. miller iguodala young okafor and dalembert with carney lou smith and evans off th ebench plus a new draft pick would be a team that could contend.

Okafor is too similar to Dalembert for my taste. They'd have a better starting lineup than they do right now, but wouldn't make the type of jump I'm looking for next season.

Keep in mind that Brand doesn't necessarily have to opt out of his contract to become a sixer. If the Clippers decide to blow things up over there a trade could be worked out to have the Sixers absorb Brand's salary and give little else in return.

That said, I am convinced that the best thing for this team is Kevin Love in the draft and the continued maturation of Carney. With Love at the 4 rebounding and dishing the outlet passes the team can maintain its fast pace. Another summer of work for Carney and his jump shot may mean that the need for a shooter could be solved internally.

My ideal line-up looks something like Miller, Iguodala, Young, Love, Dalembert starting. Jason Smith and Reggie Evans come in to spell the frontcourt for 20 each per game, Carney works himself into the Wing rotation with Thad and AI, and Sweet Lou lightens Miller and continues to learn the point.

It would be hard for the Sixers to find the contracts to get up to $16M (the amount Brand is owed this year if he doesn't opt out) without giving up several pieces of their roster. It would have to involve Willie Green, most likely, and I don't see why the Clippers would want that contract. Here are the other pieces they could move:

Booth: $1.1M
Carney: $1.65M
Jason Smith: $1.32M

Basically, they'd have to come up with roughly $4M in salaries, coupled with the $12M in cap space to get brand under the cap. Reggie Evans ($4.6M) is a possibility too, if the Clippers want him.

Also...I want absolutely NO part of Arenas, Okafor, Josh Smith, or really any high priced FA this off season. Especially Smith. The last thing this Young team needs is an immature chemistry killer no matter how many blocks he may get us per game. I don't see how he's worth it.

I've heard rumblings about Smith's attitude, but never really read anything concrete. Has he made noise in Atlanta? Do you have a link?

I remember a couple of years ago when we faced the Hawks, Smith got into an altercation with coach Mike Woodson and never returned for the overtime period. I think he was suspended afterwards.

Over the past 2 games, his jumpshot or lack thereof as concerned me a bit. If Atlanta's zone can beat us like it did without him, we wouldn't be able to score with him. The only solution would be to get a shooter and I don't think we can afford both him and a shooter.

I'm also skeptical about Elton Brand. I want Thaddeus to eventually fall back to his natural position but I'm afraid getting a typical low-post player would hamper the transition game.

Also, I'm interested in your reasoning for not liking Antawn Jamison. He may be getting up their in age but he is a versatile player. He is a proven scorer that can do damage in the post, off of cuts and has range. He may be undersized but is a great rebounder and is leader and positive influence in the locker room.

He's like an older Thaddeus Young with a jumpshot. Young and Jamison would play either PF or SF and the Andres would be the backcourt.

You're right, I do remember that. It was last year. I think Woodson held him out the entire fourth quarter of the game, and the Sixers made a huge comeback to send the game into OT, then he refused to go in during overtime or something like that. Good call.

I don't want Jamison because he's too old and plays no D. He's a good scorer, but I don't think he does a whole lot of work in the post, he's more of a perimeter shooter/slasher. This would fall into the 3 SF's in the starting lineup category, and by the end of the deal he isn't going to be worth the money. I'd prefer him over Randolph and O'Neal, but I think I'd go the SG route before I shelled out the money it would take to get him.

Toronto said that they will probably let either Calderon or TJ Ford go after the season. I don't think Calderon would sign somewhere to be the backup now that he has proven his worth. I could see Andre Miller getting shipped out for a big man if Calderon was signed in Philly though.

Nachbar has said that he doesn't want to leave NJ unless they tell him that they don't want him.

If Toronto is going to get rid of one of them, it pretty much has to be Calderon. No one is going to take on Ford's contract ($8M/year over the next 3) with his injury risk.

Basically the Sixers, Grizzlies and maybe the Heat (only if Marion opts out) have cap space this Summer. The Grizzlies have 7 PGs on their roster. So as a free agent signing, and not a sign and trade, Miami and Philly are really his only options. You think he might go for a one-year role as the backup in Philly before Miller's deal expires?

Tony Allen is a name left off IMO. He fits what the Sixers do well. He is athletic, runs the floor well and plays great defense. I would be extremely happy with him as a signing. He isn't a shooter, but I don't care really.

I would go for Calderon, Tony Allen, Sasha, Childress, Udrih. In that order. Everyone else I am not interested in really.

Azubuike, Salim Stoudimire are a couple cheap names to throw out there. Both can shoot.

I like Udrih. The Spurs were not happy at all about losing this guy whatsoever. His season with Sac-town is pretty good if you ask me as well.

Udrih has shot 46% from the field. 39% from the 3 point line making 1 3 per game. 85% from the free throw line. He has scored at a solid rate of nearly 13 a game. His assist to TO leaves much to be desired, but this was his first real season playing the role of starting PG this season.

I don't really question his shooting ability as you say. I would question his defense lateral quickness as you point out, but that would be a problem with Calderon as well.

I wouldn't mind Childress either. He is as much of a 2 as Andre Iguodala is and he fits out system wince he plays good defense and can get going in transition.

I think Wayne Ellington and Courtney Lee are 2 guys you can look at in the draft to fill this need.

Eh, I don't think they need another perimeter guy who can't shoot the three. The role you'd be looking for Allen to fill is one that Carney call fill, and add a little bit of an outside threat.

I'm not big on Udrih and Childress for reasons stated above. I'll take a look at Lee and Ellington for draft prep.

I think the purpose of this post was to see if the Sixers could go in a different direction if they can't land Brand, or another low post threat, and possibly if they'd be better off going in a different direction.

Mo Evans is a nice player; he defends, hustles, can really get up... but as you say, probably not as good a shooter as his stats suggest. J.R. Smith is a headcase; Stefanski likes headcases and he is from Jersey, so I wouldn't be surprised, but I don't want him. Miller would be a nice fit, but then you're forced to play Thad at the four (unless he's your sixth man), and I just doubt that's their plan.

Evans is a good option if the shooter is your secondary move. I like Smith, to me he's a minor headcase compared to some of the other guys on this list.

Miller actually makes a ton of sense. I'm working on a post about that for later tonight/tomorrow.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 22:09

Well, I'm not a playing guys out of their positions kind of guy, plus I think we'd be better served with Thad guarding 3s instead of 4s. Smith is a pretty huge headcase from what I understand - you'll recall Karl benching him in the playoffs, all his complaints he's had about Smith over the past few years, then there's this:

Smith drove a close friend to his death in a summer car crash. After the fatal crash, the Newark Star-Ledger revealed Smith had collected 27 traffic points in less than a year.

Then, in October, Smith was accused of pouring champagne and spitting on a young woman in a Denver nightclub.

I tend not to obsess over character issues when it comes to building a team, but if he's not a headcase I'd like to know who is.

Ron Artest.

But you make a good point.

Nice post. For those worried about acquiring Brand because of his style of play (he would hamper the fast break); don't be. While he's not a runner his low post game and rebounding more than make up for it. Plus, he'd improve their halfcourt by leaps and bounds. Can you imagine the pick and roll with him and Andre Miller?

As for me. If you can't get Brand, I'd make a play for Calderon, Mike Miller, or Vujacic in that order. No others interest me enough to spend the cash. Calderon would most definitely play with Andre Miller for a year as a backup. They would play together alot at the same time anyway. I love Calderon - he is definitely the cream of the restricted FA crop. Now, no one is talking about this but what if the sixers absorbed Brand's current contract by doing a sign and trade with sweet lou? He could certainly garner the interest from LA no? I'd love to keep all the young guys together but I'm starting to think that is a pipe dream, primarily because Willie contract sucks.

OR Stefanski might just bide his time another year until he trades up for Ricky Rubio in the 09 draft :)

They'd have to sign Lou to a deal that would pay him $4M-$6M in 08-09 to make the numbers work, then they'd have to find a viable backup PG in the draft because all of their cap space would be gone. Neither is necessarily impossible, but I'd be surprised if they included Lou Williams in a deal without another backup pg already in the fold somehow. Willie Green would be your backup if Lou was dealt, and I don't think anyone wants that.

I think a sign and trade is more likely if he opts out. Then they could make the first year of his deal for a lower figure, easier to get under the cap, and increase it throughout.

I definitely consider Brand option 1 in the offseason, but I'm not sure it's going to work out. Everyone seems to think he's going to Miami (although Miami has zero cap space if Marion doesn't opt out).

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