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His TO's have tended to go with his FG% as well

* November: 41.3% 4.1
* December: 45.8% 2.4
* January: 46.2% 2.4
* February: 44.2% 2.4
* March: 49.4% 2.1
* April: 51.1% 1.3

I think it shows that he isn't forcing things like he was earlier in the year. As you say, he isn't trying to fly into people for calls anymore causing his efficiency to go up hence his FG% has gone up and his TOs down.

He really is playing like a superstar right now. I don't know what this is going to mean when they sit down at the negotiating table with him.

The beauty of this run and the playoff berth for the Sixers is that they get a chance to see if he can do it when all the money is on the table. If he can carry this team in the playoffs, they'll really know what they're getting for their money. That's a luxury a lot of teams don't really have before they sign their high draft picks coming off their rookie deals.

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