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It was a shitty, frustrating game to watch. It's ridiculous watching the Yankees strand leadoff runners and/or hit into double-plays seemingly every inning.

Also, to be fair to Joe Torre, in the game where he held Billingsley out because of rain, the opposing manager (Bruce Bochy of the Giants) did the same thing with Tim Lincecum. So, obviously, at least one of the two managers would have failed using that strategy. It just happened to be Joe Torre.

Also, it doesnt matter when Ian Kennedy comes into the game when the offense puts up a goose egg

Yeah, like I said it had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. I just think it was a stupid thing to do to a kid coming off a rough outing in his first start.

The sad thing about that Dodgers/Giants game is that the only reason Bochy did it with Lincecum was that he found out Torre was doing it with Billingsley. Idiotic. Torre wound up getting 1 inning out of Billingsley before the rain delay, Bochy wound up throwing Lincecum for 1 inning before the delay and then 3 innings after a 72-minute delay (and his team's at bat in the inning). Stupid moves.

ensberg is the emergency catcher.

Useless. Where's Josh Phelps when you need him?

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