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I don't think I want to face Detroit though. I still think they'd be a tough matchup.

They still wouldn't be my first choice to face, but I definitely wouldn't go in thinking the Sixers have no chance. Given a choice right now, I'd probably hope for the #4 seed first, then #5, then #7. I think they could beat any of the teams, but Orlando is probably the worst match-up on the court. They do have very little playoff experience, but the same can be said for the Sixers.

Agreed, I was doing some tabulating. It looks like Toronto will end up with 5 straight wins to close it out (assuming Detroit keeps tanking games). They would end up 43-39. Here's where it gets interesting. The sixers have a shot to go 44-38. That would put them ahead of Toronto for sure. But to do that they'd have to beat Washington. If they do - it's a good bet Washington finishes 3-1 anyway (Again assuming the pistons tank disgracefully). So Wash and the sixers would be tied 44-38. But the sixers win the tie break so they would face Lebron. If the sixers lose Wash gets the 5 seed at 45-37 and the sixers tie Toronto at 43-39 and then lose the tie break to the Raptors - therefore putting them 7th to face Detroit. I think as of right now - those two scenarios are the most likely. In which case they would avoid the magic completely. Thoughts?

Yep. I can't see the Raptors going worse than 3-1, if the Sixers finish 3-1 (with the one loss coming to Wash.) and Wash goes 3-1 or 4-0 then the Sixers would finish #6. I don't see that as being likely.

I'd love to see the Sixers run the table, obviously. Detroit sickens me. They have a big say in who they face in the first round. They played the Sixers yesterday, they play the Wizards tomorrow and the Raptors on Sunday (both at home). If they tank all three games that's a shame. Then again, maybe they've already said who they don't want to play by resting their regulars against the Sixers.

I don't think Detroit wants to go into the playoffs having dropped three in a row to teams they may face in the first or second rounds. I think they take one of the two this weekend from TOR or WAS.

I think the Sixers get up to the 5 spot with a 3-1 or 4-0 finish. But you're absolutely right, the math says #5 or #7 are most likely.

Yahoo stole your shit man.

I never liked Yahoo.

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