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Haha, we don't need to see that picture anymore during the regular season! I'll be glued to the TV tonight!

No matter what happens it'll be refreshing to see two teams on the court who actually want to win.

What the heck is dunleavy doing? It will be interesting to see if the sixers actually follow this game plan. Mo will have to be sharp. A side note - I'd love to see the sixers stick it to Jim O'brien and kick his team out of the playoffs.

It would be great to end Jimmy's season.

I think we need to see big minutes from Thad tonight, even if he isn't contributing on the offensive side of the ball. It would be nice to see a motivated Willie Green as well.

This is a test for the Sixers' killer instinct. They just have to come out and crush this team's spirit in a blowout. They have to make it the Pacers' last playoff game.

If this is a close one, the Sixers are really playing with fire.

They have to treat this game just like the recent games they played against the Bulls and the Nets. Those teams are not on the same level as the Sixers anymore and neither are the Pacers. Get a huge lead, take all the life out of them, leave no doubt.

I will be hoping that Indiana can stick to the plan of the their first two games against each other.

Jermaine O'Neal's 20 minutes of play will be productive because he doesn't really have to pace himself for 40 minutes of play.

I'm just glad the Sixers only have to guard him for 20 minutes. W/out him on the floor, there's no reason to double anything.

I couldn't watch the last 3 games and I will not catch the Pacers game either but it's alway nice to follow your posts Brian, they provide a smart look on our beloved Sixers, well done as always

btw your site looks batter and better kudos

I will hopefully be back at full strength next week, as a blogger I am listed as day-to-day now (LOL)

regards from lovely Croatia

Enjoy Croatia. Hopefully the Sixers will be in 5th place when you get back.

Live blog for tomorrow?

I'd love to, but I think I'm going to have to watch the game on delay. If something changes I'll put up a post around game time and update it throughout.

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