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Damn it, Brian, my life's depressing enough in this city without you reminding me about this weather all the time!

Anyway, I'm supposed to have tickets to the Sunday night game (I'm a Phils fan but couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Yanks/Sox), so hopefully the weekend weather is okay. Shame if tonight rains out, too, since I was in line to see Hughes pitch on Sunday.

Oh man, that would suck to be in line to see Hughes and have to watch Moose instead. I'm sorry. I'm hoping for a window tonight so they can get the game in.

Ha thanks for the support. Doesn't look good out my window, however. Mostly I'm just pissed because a rainout will probably bump Clay Buchholz, my fantasy ummm star, back to Monday.

As far as that contest goes... I'm trying to decide if it's tongue-in-cheek (like Fire Joe Morgan). I think it might be, but either way, they really picked a list of decent blogs, so no biggie.


Just so you know, I got you in the Elite Eight. Don't let me down.

I saw that. I think I had the most lopsided win (or is it a loss?) in the first round, 87% of the votes over Awful Announcing. I thought about putting a post up, but F it. If I suck the most, so be it. Maybe if I get to the final four I'll mention it and/or bribe my wife and kid to vote, that should be enough to keep me out of the finals.

No score in the 5th...what's all this talk about the rain...?

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