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Hey Brian, first time poster here, really love Depressed Fan, I'm a Sixer fan and your analysis of the games is so spot on, really enjoy reading what you have to say.
Just wanted to give some props to Sam tonight for working his butt off on the boards and his really good defensive job on JO. He gets overshadowed by the Andre's all the time, but I think without Sam, this team is not in the post season. The Sixers couldn't throw anything in the hoop tonight, not even foul shots. Make your foul shots win the game! One more observation from me, Sam wide open under the basket 3 times, I counted, hand up. I know it's not wise to give him the ball in the post, but under the basket? couldn't be any worse than Willie Green or Lou Williams tonight.
In closing I have a question for you, I'm new here so forgive me if this has been explained by you often, but how did you become a Yankee's fan, but you love the Sixers and Eagles and not the Philles, just curious. Thanks for your great commentary, look forward to more!

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